The Future of Artificial-intelligence and Robotics in the Security Industry

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The rise in technology and the reign of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is coming closer and it is evident that every sector will not be left out including security.

With the increase in the populations of people around the world and the low number of police and security operatives as well as the significant number of people who are retiring from the force, it is welcoming to have Artificial intelligence and Robotics in the security space. Forget about science fiction movies as well as Hollywood movies like Terminator that depicted negativity about robots, robotics and Artificial intelligence will be a major transformation to the security industry at large.

For simplicity, Artificial intelligence is a machine that can think on its own and also learn and improve using machine learning, natural language, neural network and deep learning. Which means artificial intelligence can do things on its own correctly.


It is better you start to believe as well as accept the fact that Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Robots that leverage on AI) are going to take away jobs from a lot of people in the nearest future. Artificial intelligence robots will be used in security for so many tasks which includes object recognition which will include being able to identify a person or object in real-time include private data which includes name, age, gender, job as well as past records. With object recognition by artificial intelligent robots, humans and object going pass a perimeter can be identified and standard actions can be given lawfully.

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Unlike the days of simple robotics, the use of in security will not be possible without the use of artificial intelligence (AI). With the incorporation of GPS data, machine learning and machine visual technology, robots will be able to secure facilities assigned for protection. With the ability to travel around and go through various obstruction that cross their path efficiently, Robots using Artificial intelligence can be used to track down and go after criminal as well as search for harmful materials in places that can be dangerous to humans.

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Also in the security industry, artificial intelligence which has a characteristic which is the ability to improve itself while understanding itself will be useful against vulnerability and cyber-attacks by security agencies.


In the nearest future, there will be more of artificial intelligent robots in the security industry and this robots will be able to help perform tasks that human can’t perform or should not risk being involved. In cases protecting nuclear or toxic materials and waste, it will a hazardous job to send humans to protect such rather, artificial intelligent robot can do such job perfectly. Also, instead of using humans to scan passengers in airports before boarding a flight, artificial intelligent robot will be a better choice since object recognition is one of the tasks that it can perform and this will enable a fast scanning at ease.

The future of artificial intelligence and robotics in the security industry is growing although a lot of work is still going on with it since it is still in its infancy state



I suppose future wars will be fought with robots, drones and rockets.

Or viruses

Or viruses.

The war with viruses has already begun.

Hi @deathcross

The future is now. The drones are already doing their job. LOL

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A future like the one you propose seems interesting.

By the way, in part it reminds me a little of the movie "Eagle Eye" (2008), in which an AI system was both a super-monitoring and analysis system to maintain the security of an entire nation and eliminate threats .


I hope we don't get to this...

BTW, welcome to Project.Hope :)

Thanks for sharing :D

Dear @henry-9ja

Based on my experience humans will always be kind of necessary. Mostly because for insurance purposes. Cars can be fully automatic, but driver will be always legaly necessary. We may have robots patroling the streets, however humans will be hired to work as a security as well.

I've seen already some developed countries, where even McDonalds were hiring security guys - simply because it allowed them to get better deals with insurance companies. And we got to that point simply because regulators enforced this kind of rules.

Keep in mind, that people also prefer to deal with other people. Not many will feel comfortable around machines. So I would rather expect CCTVs, face recognition, AI and drones to be first response. But presence of humans will be necessary more often than not.

And I can only hope that I'm not wrong :)

accept the fact that Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Robots that leverage on AI) are going to take away jobs from a lot of people in the nearest future

Surely many jobs will be lost. It's so hard to tell who will be affected.

Upvote on the way,
Yours, Piotr

The future of artificial intelligence and robotics in the security industry is growing...

The problem with this is the imminent derivation in weapons and war devices that this technology will have.

Whenever we combine robotics with AI we will have an amazing result. The possibilities are infite.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Ethical Limits in the implementation of AI. This is a great barrier to overcome in the future of this technological trend. But inevitably we will be "coexisting" with robots very soon.

Thank you for sharing your work in our hive and being part of the Project Hope Family. Welcome!

Your friend, Juan.

hi @henry-9ja

First of all, welcome to the @ project.hope team.

I see AI in a positive way, as a means to help detect escaped criminals, avoid possible attacks and monitor smuggling and suspicious attitudes. I also find that they will be very useful in saving time because they will surely help to analyze what are the necessary measures to reduce waiting times between trips, avoid queues, and make each airport safer. Apart from ethical problems, I believe that AI is pointing in the right direction.

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