US 'Oppressing Chinese Companies' in New Huawei Move

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A Little experience and knowledge ( research ) of Mine on Huawei

As you guys know huawei is getting high trend all over the world and after the China US conflict Apple and Huawei
chinese people started throwing apple products in to dustbins and was supporting local companies like huawei .

Huawei for me looks like a Big bash for the future of smartphones as they have recently launched a video of 50x zoom that made it much more incredible and powerful than any other smartphones .

People would say me Pro - Huaweian , No its not actually the price of Apple made me say that they should realize that 80% people in Majority of countries are poor they cannot afford these expensive products , they should reduce pricing little bit , However there is no doubt that on security purposes Iphone and apple products are much more secure than any other devices or products .

The US FCC on Tuesday blocked the Huawei and ZTE from receiving subsidies from a government fund.

Without government subsidies its difficult for every company to bear high expense , Us Regulators Called ZTE and Huawei as a national security threat and made them lower down .

As the market of huawei and Zte reached its climax so the government took this initiative to limit their market .

The person from Foreign ministry accused government to be using abusive state powers against huawei and ZTE .

Us Regulators are saying that huawei and zte is being used as a spy and that they are ruled by chinese communist party .

The FCC said money from its $8.3 billion-a-year (roughly Rs. 62,739 crores) Universal Service Fund, which subsidises equipment purchases for some carriers, may no longer be used to purchase Huawei or ZTE equipment.

Moreover they urged people not to buy Phones using Huawei Technology

An assistant secretary of state, Keith Krach, said last week Washington might be willing to help other countries pay for 5G gear from European rivals Nokia Corp. and LM Ericsson to avoid buying Huawei technology.



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