US Cloud Gaming Subscriptions Target $3B [ cloud gaming introduction & benefits ]

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Have you ever heard of Cloud gaming, No ? i will explain how it really works.

The word Cloud for your ease i will say you should consider as world of internet Online 24/7

now coming to cloud gaming it means that you could get a higher specification Pc online on Rent so you dont have to purchase heavy cards for your PC,Laptops.

According to Parks Associates, 30 percent of U.S. broadband households say they're interested in services that can deliver a Netflix experience for gaming. There is renewed interest, the research firm's report noted, in gaming services that can stream over the Internet and deliver games to multiple platforms without downloads and without taxing local processing power.

My reviews about Cloud Gaming :

i haven't tried gaming on cloud but have experience of trying cloud services like VPS ( virtual private server ), DS ( dedicated server ) and the best thing was i could connect with that computer from any where with my smartphone.

its like computer which is ON 24/7 no hardware failure no disconnectivity issues.

the problem which i faced was a delay obviously we are required to have a good internet for connecting with online services but i think those who are nearer to that dedicated server thry can use it and it would be very beneficial for them.

It estimated that -- based on consumer interest in cloud gaming services -- the U.S. cloud gaming market stands to generate nearly $3 billion in annual subscription revenue, with the opportunity to generate more revenue via service stacking and add-on sales, provided they're designed and targeted correctly.

now according to the research it will surely give a huge rise and profit in the economy of US. Following is the PIE chart of gamers


According to this we can see how many people, gamers are playing all day and night.


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