Twitter Recent Attack & Cryptocurrency Involvement [ Hackers used high official accounts ]

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2 to 3 days ago the twitter got attacked by group of young hackers they have targeted high official accounts and possibly leaking out huge data , the more worst thing is they have also access of former President Barack Obama, Joseph R. Biden Jr., Elon Musk and many other celebrities. One of the hacker's name according to the sources was Kirk and the story is Some kind of like this .



According to the sources there were only 4 hackers who were involved in hacking. This attack not only Shaken the security Whales but also it has become a biggest mystery to be solved on How they reached the access and what was the vulnerability of twitter that led it to be hacked.

Initially people thought that it was attack of some nationwise people but then due to further investigation everyone got to know about the group of young hackers.

Bitcoin [ Main Case ]

The main Character of this whole game is Kirk as he got transactions inside and out of his bitcoin wallet address .

The conversation between hacker took on Discord A famous chatting platform for gamers and crypto runners.

The Times was initially put in touch with the hackers by a security researcher in California, Haseeb Awan, who was communicating with them because, he said, a number of them had previously targeted him and a Bitcoin-related company he once owned. They also unsuccessfully targeted his current company, Efani, a secure phone provider.

the attackers took control of the biggest high officials accounts and then tweeted about a website directing towards they also told users that if they transact some money out there , they could double there money.

What really Happened

Early in the afternoon (Eastern time) on July 15th, a hacker -- or hackers -- gained control of a series of Twitter accounts owned by Bitcoin enthusiasts, executives and exchanges. Upon gaining control of those accounts, the hackers tweeted messages to those accounts' audiences claiming that they would be "giving 5000 BTC back to the community" and directing users to People who visited the now-defunct website were told that if they sent Bitcoin to a specified address, they would receive double the amount in return, plus a bonus if contributions exceeded a certain threshold.


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