Samsung Phones May Not Come With a Charger in the Box Starting Next Year [Iphone Has done that before]

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introduction :

Sources are saying that samsung is now considering this to happen as they are saying they want to reduce the price of phone by this ( couldn't believe This Whale would do this )

i mean seriously ? Some days before we have heard that iphone is going to do that ,


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Samsung may be planning on a controversial move with its smartphones for the next year. A report claims that the company might not bundle chargers with new smartphones, as a means to reduce cost. The report stated that details about this plan are not clear or confirmed at the moment, but industry sources have told the publication that Samsung was discussing this strategy. If this does come to fruition, Samsung may be able to price its phones more aggressively.

Mostly Little downward countries couldn't get good quality chargers and they just believe that by buying new phone they could get orignal charger but now they couldn't even get that .

I wonder how much would be the cost of charger ? the big brands should neglect this bad idea i mean about 1000$ phones caring for 10 to 15$ charger how foolish it looks ? That's what i was thinking so as you would be thinking of it ....

But That's not it .

Do you know how much they could save from it ? we are just considering one smartphone charger just think of thousands of smartphones made daily it would be 1000*15 $ now you can feel how much they are saving their cost .

they have realized that in every house there are atleast 2 3 extra chargers so the chargers are already available whether its orignal or fake ( depending on luck of customer ) lol .

Same as done by iphone makers they have also decided to do that same story for them they could save millions of dollars with this strategy in the upcomming iphone 12 .

According to the sources there was hundreds of polls held where people were suggesting how they would feel on this plan and about 50-60% percent of people got angry on it .

I have also heard that samsung in the last samsung s20 sold chargers with 45 watt fast chargers at the rate of about 50$ so you can imagine how much they would have earned from that .

You could also argue that eliminating in-box chargers is just another accessory cash-generator for the company. Samsung has previously come under fire for selling a $50 45W fast charger for the Galaxy S20 Ultra while only including a 25W charger in the box.

My reviews :

I myself feel bad as many of the Samsung users would be feeling and afterall new phones are having C type cable and most people wouldn't be having it as its not that much common so new users would get difficulty when they go to some other places .


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I really don't agree with that, I think it will be a double expense for the users, besides it is not the same an original box loader to one you buy in any store. It is not the same quality, so surely there will be several chargers to buy, these do not have a life as long as the original charger.

Agreed there are hundreds of fake chargers in market