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RE: Microsoft conveniently extends support for yet another Windows 10 version

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windows is having lots of bugs i have mentioned many issues of windows in my posts.

Many people recommends to shift Operating system to linux


There is a lot of more serious issues present in Linux... I would not recommend for example using OpenSSH on any Linux version as it has serious security flaws that have existed unfixed for almost 15 years...

If people think Windows DLL hell is bad, they know nothing about library and package hell in Linux... Basically there is no guarantee at all that libraries etc. built by official package maintainers actually run or work on all common processors.

A lot of developers working with Linux are forced to build dependencies from sources and bundle the libraries with their own programs due to incompatibility issues, just like developers working with Windows have needed to do, especially since Cygwin and MinGW became popular.

That is absolutely correct.
There have been efforts in the Linux world as well to overcome package and dependency hell, which culminated in semi-containerized packaging formats such as Snap, Flatpak and AppImage. It's a small step in the right direction and yet they have their own caveats too, not to mention three different formats which furthers fragmentation (which is a typical issue with Linux).

I use AppImage myself... Official instructions say that should not be added to the AppImage, but I add it manually, because that means the image can also be used with older releases of Linux.

Some people argue that bundling makes it risky to launch other applications from inside the AppImage, but if the application normally doesn't do that, it is worth the extra compatibility.

That's part of the problem with the continuous integration model introduced by Windows 10: since 2015, Microsoft has laid off their former testing team to rely on public testing (Fast Ring, Slow Ring and Insiders). The quality of Windows updates has been troublesome to say the least.

That said, migrating to Linux is not the solution; it may work well in isolation and for certain use cases (e.g. software development) but it is not user-friendly for the general uneducated public, it's not sustainable in a corporate environment, and it just doesn't compare for gaming.

If money is not a problem then macOS is a viable alternative to Windows.