Ransomware attack on Garmin [ ransom Amount of 10M$ and 5M$ Reward for Catching ]

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Garmin a very popular business of GPS technology and making of watches , it was found that the attack was based on WastedLocker which not only cripples the whole network but also making it pretty expensive for the owners to re launch the services again .

Garmin's damage assessment may be overly optimistic, though. "If the average data breach costs the victim [U.S.] $8.9 million, then in this case, it's probably more than that," asserted Chloé Messdaghi, vice president of strategy at Point3 Security, a provider of training and analytic tools to the security industry in Baltimore, Md.

it's also found according to the sources that attack on Garmin thought to be the work of ‘Evil Corp’ , Evil corp is gang of Russian cyber criminals .

The powerful attack by hackers led the services down for about 3 days which caused Garmin a big loss . Garmin was also having payment gateway names as Garmin Pay which could also be vulnerable they have stated that they don't know whether Garmin Pay was accessed, lost or stolen . it was also found out that the attackers used customized tools or techniques which were made for Garmin specifically .

The hack is thought to be just the latest in a long string of attacks on American companies that have earned the cybercriminals’ alleged leader, Maksim Viktorovich Yakubets, 33, a $5m bounty on his head from the FBI. That reward is the highest ever offered for a cybercriminal.

the hackers mostly try to gather so the informative and important data from the website and then ask for ransom money for the data .

Evil corp is a group of most powerful hackers which were also behind the Hacking and attacks on famous other websites .

According to bbc the officials are trying day and night to find these hackers and attackers out and also suggested reward for people who will help them catching those criminals .

Officials announced a $5m reward for information leading to their arrest, which they said was the largest amount ever offered for a cyber criminal. Both men are still at large.

i have personally visited their twitter official page and they have stated that their services are now coming back to normal.

here is the screenshot of their tweets



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It never ceases to amaze many people, who even went so far as to block the hospital's computer system with the intention of asking for rewards.
Somehow a limit must be placed on all these people who do so much evil. I hope so.

actually they bring up Money over everything we must know that ethics, Prestige has much kore importance in life than money

In reality there are many things more important than money, however everything still revolves around money.


there are countries like Russia where possession alone is a great crime, the attacks that bear fruit are those where there is no backup of data

Agreed if they have backup they can recover instantly

I wish they recover soon so that their audience gets happy again :p :)

its dificult task for owners to gain the confidence of audience again.