New Security Hole Puts Windows and Linux Users at Risk [ BootHole Could be Nightmare for Both OS users ]

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introduction :

The biggest BootHole found out by security researchers according to which those who are linux or windows users they are now vulnerable to the biggest attacks, Brace Yourselves everyone looks like 2020 is going to give some more bad things to us.


According to the researchers it's too much vulnerable that the ratings of this vulnerability is 8.2 out 10 which is going to make users frightened.

The BootHole vulnerability in the GRUB2 bootloader opens up Windows and Linux devices using Secure Boot to attack. To mitigate the attack surface, all operating systems using GRUB2 with Secure Boot must release new installers and bootloaders, the researchers warned.

this news is breaking out like fire in the jungle.
according to source its said that those gadgets, devices which are vulnerable the attackers could get fully control over their devices.

We were exploring any weak links in the whole secure boot infrastructure. Since we had previously seen a similar issue with Secure Boot and the Kaspersky boot loader, we thought we should take a deeper look at that area. We did some fuzzing on GRUB2, which is widely used by most Linux distributions, and found a vulnerability that turned out to be much larger than we expected

What bootholes Does ?

while searching over here and there i got to know what really boot hole does when we start our pc the windows boots up before that they install some viruses in the boot settings which will help them controlling over the victims pc, laptop and other devices.

the bad thing is the attack works even if the secure boot is enabled which means there is no certain way right now to get secure from this attack however you could get the knowledge while searching the topic on how to save ourselves from this attack :)



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