NASA will pay you to design a space toilet that works in lunar gravity [$35,000 in prize]

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As you all know NASA is trying to figure many things out in moon and trying to make it another workplace for human beings .

NASA will return again to the moon at 2024 Till that they are trying figure toilet problem of most of the astronauts .

NASA issued a call Thursday asking for ideas for the ultimate space toilet with the Lunar Loo Challenge. The winner of the space toilet challenge could win $35,000 (approximately £28,000, A$51,000) for the top concept

The problem of washroom is already solved and are being used but that works only on Microgravity but not on Lunar gravity .

So the question arises what Is the difference between Microgravity and Lunar Gravity .

Micro Gravity :

Micro gravity is the condition in which people or objects appear to be weightless .

Lunar Gravity :

Micro-" means "very small," so microgravity refers to the condition where gravity seems to be very small.

The thing that will amaze you is to know that lunar gravity is 1/6 th of earth gravity . Looks like you would get trouble managing your poop lol .

So comming to making toilet for lunar gravity they have mentioned specifications for the toilet which is

  • The toilet must be Less than 15 kg weight
  • volume not greater than 0.12 meter cubed
  • it should consume less than 70 watts of power.

We are looking forward to seeing what the crowdsourcing community can come up with that is out-of-the-box and bring different perspectives for what is needed for a toilet.


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35k is a whole lot but it will involve high level of intelligence and team work to come together making one

Surely this would not be that much easy for any one lol

Poo on the moon 😅, quite interesting to read. I am sure someone will figure it out soon because $35,000 is not a small amount to look over.

Nice topic, thanks for sharing.

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hive to the moon or hive people to the moon hahahhaa 😂

This post make me laugh but I believe someone will figure out a solution to this problem.

haha i told the owner of PH to lets start work on this 😂😂😂 we can earn whole lot of money

Thats really great information,,,,
For all the Sci-Fi inventors 😁😁😁😊😊😊😊😊

not only Scifi A common man could have Wonderful innovative ideas

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