Microsoft and Facebook Rage Against Apple’s Busted App Store Policies

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Due to the security policies which could get neglected by both Facebook and Microsoft game makers, Apple planned to not list the games over app store.

Apple’s taking a strong anti-gamer stance this year. It forced Facebook to remove the games from its Gaming app before publication, and it won’t allow services like xCloud or Stadia on its App Store. Now, as Apple stands knee-deep in an anti-trust hearing, Microsoft and Facebook are raising hell about its backward App Store policies.

App store was recently popular because of many suspicious apps but this thing looks different as Facebook and Microsoft is going to implement cloud based gaming experience which could destroy the rules of app store this is what they are saying.

Apple is not going to allow Stadia and services like it on IOS

Stadia is developed by Google which helps gamers to enjoy cloud gaming experience. it will help gamers to play game upto 4K resolution with 60 fps ( frames per second ) so that they can have wonderful gaming experience.

while studying about stadia i got to know that its a best thing that people can get gaming experience with data centres situated in different locations.

The biggest advantage of cloud based gaming is that user would just required high quality internet for the connection and the hardware settings will be adjusted inside data centres which means gamers wouldn't be going to buy expensive smartphones this will reduce the cost of smartphones to a bit.

The Verge also points to a portion of Apple’s App Store policy. Section 4.2.7 of the policy explains terms for remote desktop applications, going over key restrictions that do bar services like Stadia and xCloud. For example, Apple notes that the “host device and client must be connected on a local and LAN-based network.” For cloud-streaming services, that’s not the case. There’s also a direct mention that these apps cannot be a “thin client for cloud-based app” which, really, is exactly what these services are.

in A Statement A spokesperson from the xbox company stated that

Looks like they are trying their best to approave it from Apple to list their gaming world in IOS.

Anyone know anything else about this steps taken by apple let me know in comments :)


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