AI Advantages in the Wake of the Pandemic [ Artificial Intelligence Advantages,Safety security and Better future]

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Covid-19 made us all full of fears and tears with lots of deaths around us its a fear for every working human to go out and do the job they were doing before regularly,
businesses are destroyed employees got jobless, economy shrinked,Students and parents are worried for the future of their kids and future generation,
because of this panademic we students cannot focus on studies due to online classes as its a new thing for all of us,

So the question arises how we can get safety precautions, can help doctors and patients and all those suffering from covid,

Why Artificial Intelligence

as you guys know artificial intelligence is Commonly known as computer working same as human brain, with AI we cannot not only automate things up but also have a better future,

Human error is a risk in these scenarios. It's difficult to monitor a large group of people to make sure they are adhering to the CDC guidelines. It also places a substantial mental burden on staff; the average human attention span is about 8.25 seconds, and many are distracted by emails, text messages and constant notifications on their phones.

Human Risk when the people standing outside the markets and stores testing temperatures because of the line and close distance it's a hundred percent chances for a person to get infected, as there are many people hiding Thereselves because its expensive to handle corona and many can't afford it.

With Artificial Intelligence we can not only automate the thing and also save the person who was checking for temperature with AI it will automatically check temperatures, give safety precautions and would help about 100% in each and every field.

Doctors working day and night

when we automate things up we would be helping doctors who are working tirelessly day and night, it will reduce the graph of covid cases to a larger extent,
it will also help patients to get reviews and Answers to their questions instantly as AI will also work as a customer service.

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With a situational awareness solution, companies can mitigate risks and still focus on delivering quality customer service. Businesses that rely on heavy foot traffic such as shopping centers, hospitals, casinos, recreational venues and theme parks, will need to evolve to remain safely in business. For such large spaces with big crowds, technology to monitor for social distancing, temperature checks and mask compliance will be critical.


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surely some level of automation with or without AI would surely help the doctors to a great extent

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