Is Your Smartphone/Laptop an Asset or a Liability?

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Is Your Smartphone/Laptop an Asset or a Liability?

Hello Everyone!!! It's another great day today and I hope you all are having a great time and I hope this week turns out to be the best for us 😊.

Today we'll actually be discussing a very important aspect dealing with how we make use of our gadgets even though most of us can't really do without using them for our personal use or benefit. This is why we really need to understand the category the use of smartphone/laptops falls into either it's an asset or a liability.

Before jumping into conclusions, we'll definitely need to delve into the concept of asset and liability by understanding what both terms means in a simple language.

In a simple and layman definition, most business entrepreneurs would define asset as anything that brings in money into your pocket while liability is anything that can cause the removal or reduction of your money from your pocket. This definition can easily be restructured by simply saying an asset can be anything that adds value or positive impact to one's life while liability does the opposite*.

After understanding the little review I've done about asset and liability, I think it's now time to tell if your smartphone/laptop is an asset or liability. We also need to understand the fact that there may actually be difference in opinion amongst some individuals depending on what they do with their personal gadgets (laptops/smartphone).

How can your laptops or smartphone be an asset to you

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Your Smartphone or laptop can easily be a great asset to you provided you are using it doing the right things which adds more value to you or it fetches you more income into your pocket. Some people don't really realize that your smartphone or laptop can really make you filthy rich and more valuable as an individual provided you're using it the right way. I'm really not saying you aren't using your smartphone or laptop rightly though because it's just a matter of choice or preference when considering the way individuals utilize their gadgets.

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This implies that anyone who is learning through their smartphone/laptop as a means of self or personal development are really utilizing their gadget as an asset. Also individuals who are also making cool cash legally with their smartphone or laptop also fall under the category of those whose gadget can be term an asset.

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We can simply conclude that for you to be reading this article, your device is simply an asset to you because you've actually learnt something from what I've written and also you are also earning with your device on this great social media blockchain platform.

How can your laptop or smartphone be a liability for you?

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I stated earlier on that liability simply means anything that removes value or income from you. The fact there is that some people also fall into this category when it comes to using their smartphone/laptops.

How is this really possible?

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I know you might actually be astonished but the truth is that most people fall into this category.

Any individual who isn't able to achieve anything beneficial or productive while making use of their smartphone/laptop can also be part of this train most especially when you aren't even earning cool cans with your devices. They are simply time wasters without productivity!

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These set of people are known to always waste their money to access the internet without gaining anything from the internet be it knowledge, value or money but they waste their time on irrelevant things which doesn't add any value to their lives.

There's really nothing bad in doing such though since it's really a matter of choice, we can't be the same when it comes to living our lives but I'll always advise anyone under this category to at least always ensure they make their lives more productive and profitable while using their gadgets.

In Conclusion

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How we live our lives sometimes is really what others will tell about us which can either be a source of impact and motivation for others or not, also the type of activities we engage in while using our gadgets may also define the type of person we become which becomes part of our lifestyle. This simply implies that anything you do with your smartphone or laptop, always ensure it something that really benefits you a lot. This also doesn't means that you can't enjoy your gadget to play games or watch movies, you can also do that to avoid boredom and make yourself more happy if it can really bring you happiness but what matters most is that always ensure you make use of your smartphone/laptop as an asset to you instead of making it a liability.

Thanks for your time and I hope you all have a great day ahead with love from @hardaeborla


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Once was my smartphone a liability but not until I made the determination to turn the liability to asset and I am begining to see the importance in it

It's really great to see you turn your smartphone from Liability into asset!!

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