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in Project HOPE2 years ago

I was asked for my comments and here they are, although you may not like what I have to say:

This project is just another form of circle-jerk (although in reality, the entire system is mostly a circle-jerk and it is designed to perpetuate it), so I have no problem with that.

There are far more than 5 people from Venezuela struggling to earn a few cents on this platform and I would like to see the most needy get help instead of a select few. How can we determine who actually needs help the most?

At what point do we/you determine that your chosen 5 have learned to fish well enough that another 5 should be supported?

It seems discriminatory to choose certain topics that will be supported while anything you don't find interesting should be rejected as bad content no matter how good it is or how much effort goes into creating it. At least when people curate naturally, they choose what to read and vote on their interests. This "system" seems to kind of force the votes that may not otherwise have been given; or taken a vote away from someone else because the vote was used in the system and now the VP has run out for what might otherwise have been curated by the voter.

Please don't take my comments as hateful or as an attack; It is not my intention at all. It is just that I don't beat around the bush with my words and I say it as I see it. Under normal circumstances, I would simply not say anything at all, but I was invited to come here and give my opinion. I have always believed that the truth is better than a lie and that it is better to hear the truth than to believe everything is fine when it is not.

At least you know that I've read your content and I made an effort to give you my honest opinion.