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This topic that you just read is a new raise of technology in the field of computer science and windows supported system.
Since we know, from the solutions. many problems can be narrowed but can not completely be solved. SegmentHeat support is the new feature that will help reduce the consumption of RAM by Google Chrome.
Google Chrome's browser is surely the most used web browser and this is strange and surprising keeping an eye on its abysmal memory management.

This is the problem that we all might have experienced and were eager to have this resolved. The problem is stated as when the chrome operates with a number of tabs being used it consumes a lot of RAM and the system starts to jitter, gets heated, stops responding and many other problems get occured due to limited memory space.For Such systems with limited memory, it becomes harder to operate such devices.



As it had been observed rhat even the organization like MICROSOFT used to stay away from open sourced projects, but when it was observed that Microsoft Edge was not much appreciated and applauded by the market MICROSOFT didnt shy to move to a new feature and believed that using chromium was then an easy choice.

After quickly realizing that the chromium project is the basis of other numerous browsers like Brave,Opera and to be exact Chrome as well, Microsoft took no time in developing a newer version of Microsoft edge and brought it to be known as Chromium edge in 2018.
This newer version of the MICROSOFT EDGE known as CHROMIUM EDGE was made ready and available to be installed in 2019.
The Chromium edge took speed and conquered the windows 10 computers in the most recent update that was presented by Microsoft in May 2020.
According to the statements provided by the MICROSOFT, following image is of great consideration:



Although this has been a massive improvement by Google and Microsoft but still it can not be guaranteed that it will proceed in the similar way with win32 apps and others. This would definitely be a great opportunity to run smart individual testing and will end up making these tests more and more interesting.

In order to check the viability of such updates and statements delivered by the Microsoft, i personally compared the two updates. First that of November 2019 and the other that is recent of May 2020 and concluded that the change in comsumption of RAM was adorable.

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