The Power Of Consistency To Achieve Success As A Businessman - Part 2

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Hello guys, your favorite girl @gifxlove is back again with the Part 2 of this interesting series, The Power Of Consistency To Achieve Success As A Businessman. The Part 1 was quite interesting, I will recommend you read through it before reading through this article for today, by clicking here. Success isn't something that just happen over night. Almost every success person you see today have been consistent with learning and practicing their crafts, which brought them their desired success. Look at movie stars, almost all of them, started their acting career before the age of 10. They have been consistent over the years and now they enjoy the benefits of their consistency. Same thing applies to athletes too and every profession or business. Consistency is key for business success. Without wasting any more time, let's jump into the topic of discussion for today. I will be giving you guys one reason why the power of consistency is key to achieving success in this article, enjoy!!!


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Good Habits

One of the reason why the power of consistency is key to achieving success in your business or career is because it makes you build good habits over time. By you trying to be consistent, you are developing and building good habits. Because you can't be consistent without having some habits or routines which ensures your consistency over some period of time. For instance, let's imagine your goal is get fit. You will set aside some specific days and time when you will be hitting the gym right? If you are consistent over time, hence, you have just built a very good habit of hitting the gym in order to stay healthy and fit. Because your goal is be fit, you will want change your diet and over time, you will have two good habits which will be eating right and hitting the gym.


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For you to be able to have success in a particular field, be it office jobs, business or what have you, you have to make that thing a part of life. What I mean, is that, in order for you to be successful in your chosen career or business, you will have to make that career or business part of life. I knew a beat producer while I was in school. This guy was obsessed with making beat, he dropped out and paid his full attention to beat making. It wasn't easy for him at the beginning, but he was consistent. He kept on, making good beats and with time, his consistency paid off. He got the attention he wanted and the rest is history. He's wealthy now. But back then in school, at 5pm, you will always see him in his small shop, trying to make a beat, every single day. He formed or built a habit of making new beat by 5pm everyday and in the long run, it paid off for him. Many of us are not consistent, we do this, this month, we do another thing, next month. We are not building a good habit that will help us become successful because we are not consistent. But if you are consistent at just one thing, it might not be paying off currently, but with time it will surely pay off. And during the period of consistency, you would have built good habits which will further strength your level of consistency and success will be yours with time.


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I will be leaving you guys with this awesome quote from Dwayne Johnson(The Rock)

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” Source


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Greetings @gifxlove

Being consistent in whatever we decide to do in our life, is an element of utmost importance because of our cor-responsibility when acting consistently depends on our reputation, certainly at business and entrepreneurial level being consistent should be one of the main habits because in this way is guaranteed in a way the success we can achieve. Excellent article.

Be well.

Thanks for coming around and making such a nice comment @lupafilotaxia. Very true, consistency do actually guarantees success with time.

Hello friend, it is a pleasure for me to greet you, no doubt when you are consistent you manage to create habits, unfortunately some people are not consistent and create businesses for fashion and as it is not something that inspires them, they lose the constancy and soon begin to do other things.

See you later, good article, have a great week.

Yeah, you are very correct.

Thanks for coming around @amestyj

Hello @gifxlove, no doubt that consistency is key to achieve success in anything we propose, success does not come by itself nor comes overnight, it requires a lot of dedication to achieve the skills that guarantee success, and for that you have to be constant and persevering. Greetings!

Well said @emimoron

Thanks for coming around and contributing @emimoron

Hi @gifxlove, I agree with you, consistency is the key to success, not only at the business level. You have to try every day, start setting small and achievable goals to keep moving forward and get the jackpot.

Yeah, you are very correct. We don't only need consistency at business, we need it at every level.

Thanks for coming around and contributing @cryptoxicate

Hi @gifxlove - another great post. I think consistency is so important for us to achieve success and your lovely post really resonated with me. It is sometimes difficult as we feel like giving up or we get bored. However, we need to have the drive to keep going and persist so that we can achieve great successes.

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Yeah, we need to be consistent and persistent to achieve great success.

Thanks for coming around and contributing @awah and thanks for the wine too 😃

Hello friend, certainly we must implement new habits to achieve our objectives and goals, we must be consistent with what we do if we want to achieve something specific. I think these are good tips, thanks for sharing! Greetings!

Thanks for coming around and contributing @franyeligonzalez

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