The Damages that Social Media Causes In Our Lives

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In the last decade, we can say for sure that the world has moved to social media. We spend virtually all part of our day on one social media platform or the other. checking out the live of those we aspire to be like or those who have the same livestyle as us while giving us the same avenue to attack people who are living contrary to the way of life that we live. Social media now looks like it is doing more damage to the life of people than normal, looking at the way people now see social media.

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It Steals Relationship

Have you been to a family gathering recently or to a date only to see that everyone is concerned about one particular life of another person on one platform or the other? It wasn't like this in the past, people wanted to share time together when they had a get together in the past but this isn't so in the world we are now, social media has stolen the solemn and beautiful time we use to have together.

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It Robs People of Time

The way Social Media affects our scheldule is very amazing. You will be so supprised how time flies very fast when on one social media or the other. Time can be very precious but when social media gets in touch with it, time can be very short. People are just shut out of the world because they have a phone

Increase Depression

I remember a social media personality on instagram who flauted wealth and displayed finance as something that could be gotten easily only that they did not know how to go about it. A lot of people were really deppressed about their current status and didn't know what to do but later news published that he was a fraudster and was arrested by Interpol. So many people who were social media fans were really worried about their lives with the intention that they were doing something wrong before the law caught up with the social media personality.

Spending Unnecessary Money

Looking at other people's lives including the way they dress and trying to live up to their livestyle is one negative attribute of social media. A lot of people after spending time on social media spend the rest of their day looking like the person they saw online and then they spend money buying the expensive things they see on them.

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Addiction more Severe than Nicotin

Social media becomes a mental problem worse than smoking and with that, it is very addictive. It is the reason why a lot of people cannot do without checking their social media platform at every 5 minutes.

It Disturbed Obligation

So many people have goals that are meant to be met with time but this goals are often shifted all the time as a result of continuous scroll on socia media. There are tags on Twitter and you cannot completely read through all the Hashtags but when it comes to social media, your body get relaxed and all the time that should be used to attend to major things are lost.

You Start To Live Someones 1% of Live completely 100%

Everyone do not post their lives for you to see everything, they only post the intersting, attracting, and appealing content for you to like but as we keep checking through this, we then think their entire life is based on the images or video and then we start to live that live. With this, people start to live oher people's reality and they start to live beyond what they should.


Social Media is designed to keep feeding you the news or page about what you are currently doing as it will keep bringing more new stuffs for you to check out. This can be very addictive and when it is, a lot of negative result can start to generate from it.


Since social media came on board, a lot has changed big time. I am really proud of how it has really changes the life of men. We know how powerful this tool is. It is hard to see a great tool like this without it bad side.

From whay you mentioned above, I won't blame social media, but will blame those who uses it to do other wise. It can't just ruin relationship if humans don't use it to commit such havoc.

Nice post

Social media certainly has it's good sides because humans made it good and it's bad side as well because humans made it bad. Thanks for reading

Hello friend, very thoughtful your article, social networks have become the center of attraction of many people, when you want to share with family is the greatest distraction, which prevents us from communicating effectively, in addition to consuming most of our time, which affects efficiency at work.

See you later, have an excellent week !

Thanks for reading buddy, the absence of proper communication is the reason for so many failed relationships and that is because family time is no longer treasured.

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hi dear @gbenga
All very clear is a very important publication, the one that affects me the most is that it takes too much time from me but I know people who even get depressed

Greetings @gbenga. There is no doubt that social media has changed the way we communicate, the problem is that many people have not known how to use this tool or have let themselves be consumed by it, preventing that from communicating effectively with the people around them, since they are absorbed by these media.

there are thing s in this world that have benefit that wont have disadvantages. this are some of the consequences of social media to our life but come to look at it, if social media didnt exist, how will life be, there wont be any development moreover most of us will be on the farm, farming inside hot sun