The 2020 New Economy after the Pandemic

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I sat, and did a deep reflection on the past 10 months of the year and I saw that there have been several changes in the world. These changes spans from technology, economy, personal finance, change of thoughts, and change of power. The changes really started from the beginning of the year and there are still several things changing

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The Pandemic

The coronavirus strain (Covid-19) came as a sudden pandemic which a lot of people keep saying we were not prepared for, so I ask myself "Is there a way a prepared defense for medical epidemic would become a pandemic?" The pandemic crushed a lot of businesses and a lot of economy while at the same time taken lives. The pandemic gave a reason to why the world should invest more in health and research as well as alternative ways of living. People had t start wearing nose masks as well as social distancing became a norm.

The Palliative, the stipends, the relief, benefits and bailouts

The government then decided to stabilize the country and started printing out more money. This money was used to keep the economy running even when there were no activities. The money was distributed to families, small and medium businesses as bailouts as well as large corporations. The money being printed is used to keep the economy afloat for a while.

The Bullish Stock Market

The stock market has been synonymous to the economy but this year, there seems to be another perspective to it. The stock market dropped immediately the economy shut down but then became bullish after the government distributed the bailouts, the stock market started doing well, showing that the market is synonymous to cash flow in the economy and not the real value of the economy.

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The Beginning of the Digital Revolution

In the past, a lot of people made money by owning industries of productions thanks to the industrial revolution which brought to live the industries and what they can offer. This year, a lot of people moved to digital businesses and other forms of digital life and ways to earn. The world started using video conferencing for meetings, digital works and delivery services, digital means of entrepreneurship, and many more. Every company is now going into digital and no one knows when they will be going back to their office. A lot of people are now becoming familiar with the internet and the internet is becoming a home for all.

Old Businesses are filing bankruptcy

In the past, oil was the biggest way to become rich and hold power but the pandemic showed a clear difference making it clear as a lot of industrial companies filed for bankruptcy. It is very rare to see a company using the latest technology for business file for bankruptcy during this period except they mismanaged money.


The world is growing and the world is becoming a place where people would start to look into how to survive after the pandemic, but i must say that the world has truly changed in the last 10 months.


I see my children distance learning and realize that we have NO IDEA how to prepare them for the future as we do not know what the future holds.

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No wonder why they call it the great reset. I still hold to my belief that it was all planned and it not just happened that the virus escaped Wuhan and infected us all...

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Good article, one of the things that will grow is the culture of digital nomads a new way to make money and prosper in the new economy

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