Sony Going into the Automotive Industry; Turning a Car to a Gadget

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Have you noticed that several tech companies are building electric cars even making the automaking giants look like they are not getting things right by manufacturing petroleum cars. From Tesla break in the EV industry, companies like Apple are going into the Electric Vehicles. Company like Sony has also found interest in EV.

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The Japanese company is king in the gaming world from the Playstation series to its impressive Walkman, Aibo and so on, but as usual tech companies are starting to suprise everyone and so Sony came out with its Electric Vehicle.

Vision S is sony's electric vehicle. Sony is going into mobility and sony aims to create a mobility as a machine, as a device and not just a carriage from one point to the other. The Sony car is really impressive with comfort beyond driving. The car can be driven both autonomously and with a driver, it has 33 sensors both in and out of the car. The company has been going into the automotive industry as they have been supplying sensors to Toyota in the past.

The car industry is becoming a home for tech companies who are willing to turn a car to a gadget and not just an object with steering wheels.



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That's a nice car!

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Hello friend, certainly technology companies have put their interest in this type of car, I think it is very interesting, besides being beneficial for our planet and our health. But it is probable that not all countries can count on this benefit nor all people can afford this type of luxury. Greetings friend!

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It is interesting to see the engagement of tech companies with traditional types of companies like autos. In a way this convergence will benefit both industries. However there is great benefit for consumers. We are beginning to see cars as tools and services for mobility and so there is an ongoing quest for value added aspects to the car.