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RE: Top Five Myths About the Novel Coronavirus

in Project HOPE2 years ago
  1. You know, we always see preventive methods as protective method. A lot of people believe that the nose mask is a ticket for not having yhe virus whereas it is just a way to prevent air droplets from person to person.

  2. There have been more recoveries than death but the agencies are not keen to announcing recoveries, so coronavirus isn't a death sentence.

  3. I have noticed that most viral diseases have symptoms of common sicknesses such as common cold, temperature, inflammation and the likes.

  4. Well, i do not want to believe that coronavirus is used as a bioweapon between china and any other country, although china has been a major threat to other world powers. Also, china will not want to endanger the life of its citizens since its population is also its strength so the government can't as well push this on its citizens.

  5. I can't say for sure that pets can spread the virus but the wet market where the virus originated from in wuhan comprises of different animals which we can't say for sure which was the original carrier (some may say bats).

Thanks a lot for the post.