Innovative Technologies that Will make Life Easy

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Technology has brought about a lot of innovation and in late 2019, a lot of innovative technological innovations were built which will bring new waves to living life in the next decade.

Milo Smart Kitchen Table

A lot of us can’t invite people into our kitchens because it looks messy, not because we are disorganized or we do not arrange the often but the truth is out kitchen quickly get stocked up with appliances and utensils. Most of this appliances are important for almost every day cooking and can’t be overlooked and also, most of them are electrical appliances such are refrigerator, blender, grater, microwave, and a lot more. Thanks to Magnetic Air Drive Technology, Millo, a startup company in Vilnius Lithuania which lunched in 2017, have been able to come up with an innovative solution to too many cord and wires linked to our kitchen appliances.

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We are used to cordless charging of mobile phones but with Millo brought a change in the kitchen world. Currently, the use wireless blenders, coffee maker and other appliances will reduce the use of cords and will create a cleaner kitchen.

LEROU Head Massager

Stress is one thing so many people feel after a long day at work which often do not make them feel comfortable and in most cases find it difficult to sleep. Scalp massage has been very helpful over the years bringing relief to people after a long day work. LEROU after 4 years of research came out with a potable robot built with finger-like, soft, food grade silicone materials, which will massage the scalp. The robot give a repetitive rotational movement around the head. The personal robot massager will relief fatigue when used even without leaving work.

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Candle Apparel Heated Gloves

Since it isn’t easy to stay warm in winter as well as getting all energetic in the morning due to early morning cold, the need to keep people warm at cold season is important and that is where candle apparel heated glove comes in. Candle apparel heated glove is a battery powered, rechargeable Li-ion battery and water resistant gloves. The gloves can go as hot as 120°F and last 3 hours at his hottest temperature while it last 6 hour within 100°F and 110°F. It is fashionable and can be allows people to operate their phones while using it. Its battery can be charged easily as it is located outside the gloves. The glove is made up of a carbon fiber heating elements with fabrics made with milk silk, Neoprene and Lycra.

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Technological innovations are springing out on a daily basis in other to make human activities easier. This innovations are products of companies who want to satisfy human needs. Do you think this innovations are good? What do you think about technological innovations in the next 10 years?