Innovation and Technology is Solving the World Problem

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In the past, technology was about making new impressive equipment, machines and industrial innovations not concerned or worried about the environment or the ecosystem but then, we started facing a lot of problems ranging from excess greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, oil spillage and a lot of other environmental problem.

Oil has been one of the greatest causes of pollution around the world including oil spillage in the delta, air pollution caused by fumes and flares from gas. Oil seems to be the greatest resource found in the industrial revolution but it now looks like our biggest problem and that is why companies like Tesla have been working had to make sure that EV battery cars are working perfectly as well as automation. In the same like, Hyndai also produces hydrogen fuel trucks charging with hydrogen electric charging.

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Another technological issue to be resolved is the internet. Not everywhere is Los Angeles, or California so there are still many areas with no internet connectivity. Solving this problem is very important and that is why companies like SpaceX is working on launching satellites in space to improve internet connectivity. Also, Alphabet the parent company of Google is also very interested as they now invest in hot air balloon with 4G internet connectivity on it which will help rural areas get good internet connection.

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Quick delivery is what became the next problem with the increase in ecommerce also, the pandemic has made a lot of people look for other means of delivery and Drone looks like the best option for now. Air transportation is the fastest currently as it has no traffic disturbance. With drone, it can be economical and very fast to deliver good to people around a short distance location.

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There are a lot of problems that come along with technological growth but for every tech growth, there is an equal tech problem and a finding solution.


Hello friend, I hope you are well, it seems to me that these are great advances, and that the planet needs these changes to improve and in turn improve our health, I think it would be very beneficial for everyone. The internet is practically essential these days and it seems to me that everyone has the right to be able to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing, greetings!

Greetings my friend @gbenga

Certainly the increase of internet usage in the last decade, has meant a great challenge for the great powers, it has even been mentioned, that the pandemic is a consequence of an unconventional war, where USA and China are disputing who will dominate the launching of the best internet connection and service. Best regards, stay well.

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hi dear @gbenga
In recent years an ecological conscience has developed globally, gasoline will cease to be important in the future thanks to all these technological advances, I am very grateful to life for it, pollution is really an issue to worry about.