Do You Think Stephen Hawking is Right on AI, Nuclear Technology, Genetic modification and Colonizing other Planet?

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Stephen Williams Hawking (CH CBE FRS FRSA) a physicist, has been a major plus in the world of technology, science, space, artificial intelligence and lots more. Although died in 2018, Hawking worked on several researches which includes gravitational singularity, radiation from the black hole called Hawking radiation. In 1963, Hawking was diagnosed with an early onset slow progressive form of motor neuron disease called the Lou Gehrig’s disease which made him paralyzed over the years but this didn’t affect his contribution to the world of science. He has been regarded has one of the famous minds in the history of the world.


It is no doubt that Hawking predicted a lot of things and a few are already happening while a lot are yet to happen. In this post, I will be looking at Hawking’s predictions on the future of artificial intelligence, space and the future of earth. Stephen Hawking has giving a view into how humanity might be someday in years to come and has supported the need for humans to go colonize space so we do not put our eggs in one basket.

I will want us in this post to consider if Hawking is right in his prediction or we have other possibilities.

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Why We Need to Leave Earth

One of the several things Hawking talked about is humans leaving earth for another planet and explore space so as to prevent a situation where earth becomes less conducive or absolutely destroyed due to collision of the earth by asteroids. Humans might look at it as impossible for our mother earth to be harmed but if you remember 2019 OK, an asteroid rock as big as a football field that missed earth in July of 2019 by near hours because of the earth placement. Hawking warned about colonizing another planet 100 year time or face the risk of going into extinction. He emphasized on exploring space, leaving earth to avoid annihilation. Hawking says spreading out into space will have a greater effect, completely changing the future of the human race or determining if we have any future at all.

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Artificial Intelligence Becoming a Part of Humans Doom

“Judgment day is inevitable” do you remember those words from T850 in Terminator. Even though the machine used by Hawking to communicate with people was partially AI, Hawking still had a lot to say against using AI in his full potentials. The development of a full artificial intelligent will be very useful to humans but can also be detrimental to human existence as they might turn against humans. Also he said AI will let people lose their jobs.


“If we are going to worry about the future of humanity, we should focus on the real challenges such as climate change and weapons of mass destruction rather than fanciful killer AI” – Hawking
Hawking is against full AI as he believes it will take people out of jobs and could revolt against humans leading to the rise of machine.

Genetically Modified Vaccine and Viruses Will Backfire

What is the possibility that the coronavirus isn’t a genetically modified virus that backfired? Well, I can’t say for sure but Hawking made it clear that one of our greatest threat isn’t from space but from what people are creating on earth.


Example of such is a virus that was created to combat cancer cells but eventually became a virus that could combat alcoholism also, the rota tech vaccine is meant to keep kids away from rotavirus but this creation of this vaccine is a combination of human and cow DNA. Actually, humans might have good intentions, but Hawking made it clear that this might backfire.

Nuclear Weapon Will Destroy the World

As more and more countries are producing nuclear weapons, Hawking predicted that this can cause the entire earth to be destroyed in cases where there is a war. This is true that nuclear technology have gotten their advantages at the same time, a lot of countries want to be world power and so they have decided to keep creating nuclear weapons which can be very destructive. Hawking made it clear that using nuclear technology for nuclear weapon can also be the beginning of man’s destruction.

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