Bionic Lens; A Clear Sight is a Clear World

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Having to see signs on posts, written letters and figures as well as recognizing someone or things can be something everyone with good sight count as being normal but it can become a hassle if there is a problem with vision or sight. You might have watched movies like Ghost in the Shell and thought of having super eye visions. Well, you are just about to see it play out.

Optometrist, Dr. Garth Webb has decided to find a solution to this by bringing an innovation that will create clear vision for patient with sight problems and the solution is the BIONIC LENS.

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before you go on, I want to emphasise that the Bionic lens is still being clinically tested.

With Bionic lens, people are able to have better vision as the intraocular medical lens is inserted into the eyes of a patient surgically through cataract surgery with 8 minutes. The lens insertion is believed to be painless and help people see three times better vision compared to the natural vision. The lens is going to replace the natural lens inside the eyes. The clear vision of this lens will allow people to see far objects clearly (imagine seeing a clock dial 30 feet away from it), and it allows people to look at an object for a long time without straining the eyes, since it uses 1/100 of the energy required by the natural eye lens.

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The bionic lens has the ability to establish an all-round good performance throughout a person’s life and the person do not have to worry about getting old and having the lens give problems due to age, unlike the natural lens which turns out to become a liability. The Bionic lens automatically uses curvature change to alter focus and it can improve resolutions with great range of focus.

Dr. Garth Webb who is the CEO of Ocumetics Technology Corporation says

”The thing that we developed the Bionic Lens to in its default mode to make our lives function better than the normal realm in their augmented capacity, they allow for us to integrate seamlessly with the entire digital world now as computer science develops and now technology develops the scope of which we can integrate, along the visual pathway increases as well. My humble perception is that we human beings will be the center of artificial intelligence activity.”

In Conclusion

Although the technology associated with Bionic lens is still in its infancy, the lens is going to be an upgrade to the natural lens, is going to provide an upgraded version of the biological eye lens making the eye good all through a person’s lifetime. The Bionic lens is not going to be a cure to and can’t treat color-blindness, cloudy corneas, severe macular degeneration, genetic retina diseases, torn or damaged optic nerves.

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This sounds like amazing technology. Thanks for sharing. I could do with new eyes.

I hope the technology makes a changes in human sight.

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