Top Five Myths About the Novel Coronavirus

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Originating from Wuhan in China, the novel Coronavirus has sent widespread panic across the world. So far, an estimated 88,000 cases have been reported across the globe with the death toll rising to 3,000 persons. In less than a month, the novel Coronavirus has spread to the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa (with the latest case involving a French national being quarantined in Nigeria).

As the Coronavirus continues to dominate media discussions in recent weeks, members of the public are bombarded with diverse information, both facts and fiction, about the novel virus. This articles examines some of the widespread myths about Coronavirus, fortifying the reader with enlightening facts.

1. Face Masks Can Protect You From Being Infected

Face masks have not been proven to protect people from being infected by the Coronavirus. This is because face masks are not designed to block viral particles, making it possible to contract the virus while even wearing a face mask. While face masks can help the infected person from spreading the disease, there is no guarantee that it can help an uninfected persons from contracting the virus.

2. Getting Coronavirus Is a Death Sentence

Obviously, the Coronavirus is not a deadly as the media has portrayed it. According to a study published a few days ago by China's Center for Disease Control, only about 2.3% of the people infected have died from the virus. About 83% of the infected persons have only experienced mild illness. So, if you get infected by Coronavirus, which is very unlikely, the chances that you will live to tell the story is extremely high.

3. You Will Know If You Catch the Coronavirus

Unfortunately, the answer is NO. You can't know that you have the Coronavirus. Why not? The answer is because its symptoms are very familiar and can easily be mistaken for other common illnesses. Some of the symptoms of COVID-19 may include, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, nusea, vomiting and running nose. So, for your own good, it is better that you see your doctor as soon as you feel the above symptoms.

4. Coronavirus is Germ Welfare Against China

As the COVID-19 cases start to hit China hard, a conspiracy theory emerged claiming that Coronavirus was created in the laboratory to torment the Chinese people. To this very moment, there is no evidence to suggest that China is fighting a germ warfare or under attack.

5. Pets Can Spread the Coronavirus

Another myth surrounding Coronavirus is the myth that it can be contracted through pets such as dogs, cats, etc. For now, there is no evidence to suggest that dogs and cats can be infected by Coronavirus let alone spread it. However, WHO suggested that pet owners should always wash their hands with soap and water after having contacts with their pets.


The percentage is around 7% to 8% if you count the number of death versus the number of infected. It is not a funny virus and this one can cause million of death, unfortunately.

Sadly that's a reasonable estimate. Voting and following. China really responded hardcore. But we can't do that.

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Killer write-up. If you get sick take care of yourself and rest. Don't work. It's going to spread fast. Washington has 150- 1000 infected they guess.

All it is is guesses. But have food on hand and limit contact and crowds. Wash your hands.

  1. You know, we always see preventive methods as protective method. A lot of people believe that the nose mask is a ticket for not having yhe virus whereas it is just a way to prevent air droplets from person to person.

  2. There have been more recoveries than death but the agencies are not keen to announcing recoveries, so coronavirus isn't a death sentence.

  3. I have noticed that most viral diseases have symptoms of common sicknesses such as common cold, temperature, inflammation and the likes.

  4. Well, i do not want to believe that coronavirus is used as a bioweapon between china and any other country, although china has been a major threat to other world powers. Also, china will not want to endanger the life of its citizens since its population is also its strength so the government can't as well push this on its citizens.

  5. I can't say for sure that pets can spread the virus but the wet market where the virus originated from in wuhan comprises of different animals which we can't say for sure which was the original carrier (some may say bats).

Thanks a lot for the post.

<<As the COVID-19 cases start to hit China hard, a conspiracy theory emerged claiming that Coronavirus was created in the laboratory to torment the Chinese people. >>

If this is true then they are mean obviously they are going before the target already and drastic measures should be taken to stop it.

Reports show that more than 2300 persons have died as a result.


Face masks don't stop the virus but have advantages:

  • Small liquid drops which leave the respiratory tract during sneezing or coughing, and contain viruses, can be stopped.
  • So sick patients are thus less likely to infect their environment.

Getting Coronavirus Is a Death Sentence

The mortality rate of elderly and already ill patients is much higher. Also, smokers and ex-smokers are in larger danger.

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