Your Safety on the Internet (Personal Cybersecurity)

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Have your email, social media account or any other internet enabled online account been hacked? The ability for people to access online information through vulnerable leaks is a major reason for cyber security. The average internet enabled device from desktops, laptops, phones, WIFI and internet enabled watches is vulnerable even if you do not know about it currently. Also, the same way you spend your entire day going about your daily activities and daily routine, cyber criminals spend their entire day looking for vulnerabilities in people’s devices so they can pounce on it but in other to fix this problem or set a stronger security to your data online, Cybersecurity is introduced.


Who are Cybercriminals?

Computer geniuses who utilize their knowledge and technical mastery to hack into the system of a user so as to get information as well as exploit the user. A cybercriminal does not have the intention to hack into a computer (who really needs to hack into a computer since not all computers have information and data) rather he hacks into a system with information and Data. Do not think you are safe, everything connected to the internet is at risk from your phone, doorbells, television and every other things.

It was in the past that passwords were enough security for an account or to keep a mail safe, in this generation of upgrading tech, passwords alone aren’t enough. Attackers are becoming more innovating and sophisticated that a simple password can’t do the trick of keeping your information safe. One nightmare you can get is to wake up from your sleep only to realize that your money, information and data has been stolen because you logged into a phishing link or used your credit/debit card in the wrong place.


Where Cybersecurity Comes In

Since cyber hack and cybercrime is on the high, a hero needs to come to the rescue and that hero is cybersecurity. As much as several software are being created and improved to get hold of attackers, you have a lot of to do in other to keep your information safe from attackers and a few of which includes;

Do not share your information with a third party

In cases of privacy, it is important that you keep your passwords, keys and pins away from people. I see a lot of people share their passwords with third parties on the basis of trust. The third party might just be careless to let your password or pin out to cyber attackers.


Use Authenticators

This is a very important as everything that has a password, pin or key can be passed by cyber attackers and at such the use of a 2nd authentication verification process is very important. In some cases, I see people use their emails and phone messaging app to receive messages about authenticating a login, but I do not always support this since emails and messages are connected to the internet and can be attacked. In most cases an authenticator is recommended since it isn’t connected to the internet, it will be difficult to get the exact digits on the authenticator at the particular time.


Use Updated Anti-Virus protection and Firewall

If you watched the animation “The Emoji Movie” a very good importance of firewall was illustrated well, you might say it is an animation so it isn’t important but on the contrary, it is important to have an updated antivirus and firewall as they screen out hackers, viruses and other malicious activities that might occur while using the internet.

Do not use Public WIFI or Use a VPN

In most cases, hackers give access to free public WIFI so people who connect to their network can become prey, thereby giving the hacker access to your data on the device. I do not advice to use a Public WIFI but in cases where you have to use it, it is advisable that you use a VPN so the traffic between your device and the VPN server is encrypted thereby making it a little difficult for criminals to access your data.

Avoid Phishing Links and Websites

Before surfing an internet page, be sure the domain name is the exact name you often visit, if you see any trace of suspicion then do not go in at all. In cases of phishing sites and links, what hackers often do is change a letter in the address or the domain so their targets do not often notice this changes. It is advisable to always check the address properly and confirm if it is a secure website.

Your security on the internet is as important as your security in reality because information and data unlike in the past are now on online and accessing the data is accessing you. You might not know how important securing your information online is until you get hacked and you lose things that mean a lot to you.

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Safety in all aspect of the internet is important, seeing people who lose their information because they were hacked is something that makes me sad.

There is always a technical vulnerability in virtually everything that involves the internet and keeping oneself safe is important.

Thanks for sharing this informative piece.

I always strongly advise people to keep their passwords safe as well as use other means of security. I even use 2 factor Authenticator for my gmail which is safer compared to only password.

Cyber security is one threat for both individuals and businesses. It is good that you have just made it easy to identify cyber attack as well as know what to do to prevent such.

Thank you Mojubare, it is extremely essential that we always keep our online passwords very safe.

@tipu curate

Resteemed already, upvote on the way :)


@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 5/15 - need recharge?)

Very important these considerations of security in the web, on considering the work that many users we carry out in steem, we have to take care not to provide keys to false links, I will take all the considerations here explained as valid to take care of my interests. Greetings and thanks for sharing

You are absolutely correct, I have a friend who had his account hacked by clicking on one of those harmful links. Thanks for coming around

I have been a victim of a phishing link before and it was a very horrible event. Cyber security is a very important aspect of the internet and i am glad it is becoming an industry to reckon with.

Thanks for sharing.

Hello @futurekr, interesting reading, thanks for the very good advice you give us.

It is usually painful when one's account gets hacked, this tips will help us secure and protect our accounts better. Thanks for sharing

Dear @futurekr

Interesting choice of topic buddy. I fund it crutial to build awareness of how important cybersecurity is in current age.

Especially now, in age of decentralization and blockchain. Wouldn't you agree?

Let's look at our wallets. Traditionally we store our funds in the bank, where someone else is protecting them and doing it for us. We give away part of our freedom and banks are in charge of our resources for the time being, but it's safe and convinient.

So in order to steal your money, hacker would need to break into banking system. Somehow. Very difficult. However in current days all such a hacker need to do is to break into our laptops. Often not well secured - and we often store keys to our wallets on hard drives. That may be enough to clear out all those wallets.

Upvoted already. Have a great monday,
Yours, Piotr