Teaching a child about the benefits of communicating with technology.

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Kids these days are born into a technology filled space, any kid who has not been given the knowledge of technology usually appears like an outcast before colleagues. As parents, aunts or trainers we need to feed kids with the basic knowledge of technology. Technology is an interesting but complex topic and if we must teach kids on the relevance of technology, then we must be ready to break it down into very simple terms in a way that they will understand.

Some kids may want to ask questions about what the difference between certain tools and why technology is important, as a new parent this might be a difficult question to answer and that is one reason why I have chosen to describe this very crucial topic after watching a channel on media.


Technology is the use of science or engineering to create useful things.

Describing technology to a kid needs to be done in a manner that they can relate with, technology is a beautiful way to keep in touch with friends, technology helps us keep in touch with those friends conveniently, with technology we may decide to host a party with friends without informing them initially and within a few minutes, we will have all our friends aware of the party we are about to host.

In the days when technological tools was difficult to come by, you may need to go to your friend’s house one after another to inform them of the party, but with the presence of technology, we just need a smart phone and all our friends who also have a smart phone will get the message we send within minutes.

Technology is what makes communication with friends very easy, the reason why you can see a friend who is at a far distance through snap chat or other video accepted social media platforms is as a result of technology, without technology it is impossible to have a conversation with friends who are over a long distance.

Apart from making video call with friends, it is also through technology that we are able to send text messages to friends describing our intentions through message, while Mum and Dad are at work, you can also send them a text message reminding them of the chocolate you want them to get for you, all this can come in handy because we have technology who is helping to make communication come with ease and also interesting.

Having a child listen to all these great benefits of technology will make the child believe that technology provides convenience in all manner.


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Kids nowadays grow up with technology. My experience is that kids embrace new technologies faster than their parents.
On the other side it's sometimes more difficult for kids to have real life conversations because they are so used to communicating via technology.

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