Methods of Improved Skills to Help Humans keep their jobs.

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By now everyone already knows that the season of artificial intelligence is gaining widespread popularity and of course displacing people from their regular jobs therefore making a lot of humans completely jobless. In a struggle to keep a means of livelihood we see people struggling to look for other ways to make ends meet but there are people who are still very much blind to the obvious reality on ground and they fail to improve on their skills.

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For those who already understand the way the world is gradually turning out, it has become a necessity to gain required knowledge in a way that artificial intelligence would not be able to displace us from our jobs. Some skills are definitely getting outdated and there is a requirement to either learn new skills or get those skills updated in order to avoid being kicked out of the game completely.

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Learning a skill that deals with qualitative reasoning and problem solving is the next type of skill that will be able to stay productive in this age of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence are designed to solve problems and as humans who want to stay relevant in his or her chosen field, we need to be innovative about problem solving as we

Learn a skill that allows you to become extremely creative, a skill that makes you think of new ideas on a regular basis. Machines are learning every day to stay up to date and serve humans better and so should any human skill also perform. Your skill must be one that guarantees you the access to develop solution to various problems on a regular basis.

Creative people will be difficult to kick out of work no matter how advance technology gets, humans are so keen to trying to enjoy every second that they forget the need to get creative and it is only those who are making the sacrifice that will remain relevant in the technological space.

Getting smart emotionally is a thing that I do not think has been imputed into machines just yet, it will always be a necessary requirement for humans to fill that void but not every human is emotionally intelligent also, for those who want to keep their jobs in future, emotional intelligence is a necessary skill that will save those jobs.

People relationship is another very important skill that will help people keep their jobs despite the great technological advancement. I had a complaint some days ago which made me decide to use a self-service option, it was really annoying chatting with a robot who could not interact with me properly, so humans who have good communication skills will still be required in certain fields in the nearest future.

However, this is not to say technology might not find its way into the described avenue’s but we need to constantly try to improve ourselves and get a way to meet up to the demands of daily needs.


Well, one of the scariest things about AI is that it does not supplant people in their jobs but is used in the military industry where it can enslave humanity.

We must always be ready and prepared for technological changes, be dynamic creative, that each job feels that it is well represented and with great ability with technology support.