Internet of Things; the game changer for technology

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is what the world has been looking to have since 5G internet is becoming a thing that people are accepting. This refers to the use of intelligently connected devices and systems to leverage data gathered by sensors and actuators embedded in machines and other physical objects thereby making things easy as well as serve better purpose. The devices on internet of things connect together and interact with each other to connect and share data. In few years from now, it is no doubt that the quality of life will increase tremendously for both consumers and producers as everything will be connected to the internet from things for personal use and things for manufacturing thereby giving us a connected life.


Since IoT devices share data from usage as well as the environment in which they are operated, the solution internet of thing can bring for personal purposes are not limited to improvement in efficiency but also security, health, education, and other aspect of life. For businesses, IoT will be able to help find solutions that will improve decision-making, productivity as well as security in the manufacturing, retail, technological, agricultural, energy, and other sectors.

Internet of things have to use the general devices with the sensing devices. The general devices do embedded processing and connect to the internet using wire network or wireless interface and are used to collect data information.


The devices uses the actuator and sensors to get data like humidity, tension and after which the data are transferred to the control center which computes it and transfer to the cloud where the information is stored. In other for Internet of things to communicate certain protocols and standards are the satellite, Wi-Fi, Radio frequency (RF), RFID, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication.

Internet of Things Biggest Problem

It is no doubt that having something completely connected to the internet means hackers can manipulate data being sent. So the biggest problem of IoT is its security as most of the data are not encrypted or organized in a ledger that cannot be tampered with. With vulnerability of IoT, hackers can easily have access to a person’s location, routine and data.


In Conclusion

The Internet of Things promises to deliver a very important change in individuals’ quality of life as well as in enterprises’ productivity. Since the Internet of Things will be enhancing fundamental services such as transportation, logistics, security, utilities, education, healthcare, energy and other sectors, it will be important to utilize the Blockchain for data storage while providing a new ecosystem for application development.