Brain Machine Interface (BMI) and its effect on Human Machine Communication

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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has been doing well with Neuralink. Neuralink is aimed at connecting humans and computer together in a synergy where interaction between the two would be possible. Neuralink will be solving important problems associated with the nervous system (brain and spine) with the help of machines which are very tiny.


This project is still in testing as Elon and his team has been looking into ways that the implanted device can be small. In the past, Neuralink had devices implanted into the head as well as a device behind the head but recently, the device has been reduced to the size of a thread and tinier. Implanting the device is going to be automated as it would be done by a robot so the operation would be stress free. Implanting the link does not require Anastasia as well as it would only take an average of 60 mins. The device can be planted and removed without causing any after effect on the individual/patient.


Where is tech going to with BMIs?

Elon Musk is not the only person working to get brain machine interface work perfectly, soon we would not need to operate machines manually but rather we would just be able to communicate with machines through thoughts. So, we will be able to start our cars with simple thought, be able to change channels with our brain and be able to do a lot of things with our brain.


BMIs like Neuralink and so on will be a very good improvement in the tech world, it is said to communicate with machine in real time but one side effect scientists are working on is corrosion.



Thank you for sharing this valuable content, where you show us how technology and humans come together to usher in a future of the artificial intelligence era. which would help us improve our lives

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Hello friend, the truth would be incredible to try something like that, I doubt very much that in the underdeveloped countries they can see that type of inventions. But technology really has no limits.