Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Technology

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In our world where the presence of oil determines how wealthy a nation is, no one can underestimate the power of Saudi Arabia but in the next 10 years, things will change and China would become the Saudi Arabia of the world not because it has oil but because data would become the source of wealth for so many countries and China would have became a tech giant far beyond the expectation of any other country in the world. Technology is growing very fast and it has been very useful to the growth and development of the any countries economy.

In 2016, AI defeated a board go champion in South Korea, and although the champion Lee Sedol never for once thought that Artificial intelligence with the help of machine learning could defeat him but Google's AlphaGo won the game at 4-1 . AI is able to study activities and improve on itself.


China is not staying behind at all, in fact, they are at the fore front of the AI race. China planned to lead the US in 2025 and lead the world in 2030 in digital technology, artificial intelligence nano technology, and quantum computing, but with the current state of China, they are leading the world in the ue of robotics and artificial intelligence as they use it in e-commerce, Currently, citizens in China do not use physical cash to transact rather they use facial recorgnition which allows access to all data. China started with copy catting but soon they became the fastest country in terms of using technology.


The US currently is leading the world in innovation and deep learning. Technology seem to still have its home in the United States. MIT has done well to create a lot of machines using AI to solve health problems, thanks to access to data around the world. A lot of companies have and will be integrating AI into what they do, government organisations will bw using AI and AI will creating a lot of benefit as well as they could create a lot of challenges.

Automation and AI's greatest challenge is taking away jobs from people. The more technology, the less jobs, although a lot of people say it will only take away blue colar jobs while some people do not even believe that AI will cause job loss.


Hello friend good article, the technology advances every day and the artificial intelligence is gaining space in the different economic areas, I hope that this technology does not replace the people in their positions, it would be ideal as a complement that strengthens the working days.

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Good article, it is worrying to see how communist countries in these years have managed to have so much strength and influence, for example when the protests occurred in China, AI was used to locate the leaders of the protests and thus put them in jail is terrible when these countries achieve some advantage over free countries.

Hello @futurekr
Just as you say. China is gaining ground in many ways worldwide, and technologically it is not the least bit ahead of the game...