Apple’s Former CEO John Sculley Begins his own Mobile Phone Production

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John Sculley was a renowned marketer at PepsiCo who was doing really well at the time he held the position as the company’s marketer, Steve jobs company apple was four years old and he knew that bringing someone like John Sculley into the vision of his company is going to help his company a lot and he tried to convince Sculley to join him, Sculley was reluctant about leaving his well-paying job for a company that just started four years ago and it even started in a garage but Steve got to win him over and he followed Steve to apple with the vision and the mission of changing the world.


The apple brand has various sectors that they were working on and it looked like building a company in another company, they both worked as a team and John Sculley took the position of the CEO of the company, until a misunderstanding occurred between the duo, there was a difference in the organizational approach of the both parties and Steve Jobs was stripped of his position in the company and sent away from his own company. In the year 1997 however, Steve returned back to apple.

The surprising thing now is that John Sculley who is in his 70’s is creating his own mobile phone company, this mobile device is a low cost phone unlike apple, John Sculley seem to have studied the economy and he is trying to make a phone that will become acceptable by the young ones and also affordable at the same time. Affordability and class is one way John Sculley hopes to hit the market for his privately owned company.

According to John Sculley, he is creating a company that will be able to compete with the upcoming market, he knows that there are upcoming youths who will like to experience what the luxury phones are offering but may not have the financial capacity to do that. John believes that the only successful high classed phone in the market right now is apple and with his mobile phone called OBI, he will be moving into the fast growing economies in the world. He is also really focused on his customers and not his competitors, until the time of this writing I never knew he was also kicked out of the company as well just the same way his late friend Steve jobs was kicked out and I tried to make research on the reason why he was kicked out of the company but I could not find anything related to it.

What do you think about the new phone product by John Sculley, do you think it is going to be great or acceptable by the market, is it going to be a good fit for the already existing competition and are you going to get one yourself?



Hi @futurekr
It's impressive that an elderly gentleman is venturing into this project, but I think it's great.
It seems that Job was very tough to get someone out of a good job to work with, so he must have been a great leader.
John Sculley is likely to be able to influence the market, if he has the right sales force, good marketing, and if he is affordable, he has some good points.

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