5G Technology; The Future is Here

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The 5th generation wireless technology for digital cellular network. 5G is currently the fastest broadband that will either displace or augment the current 4G LTE. Offering the faster speed and more reliable connection on both mobile devices and any other internet accessible object, 5G is the future here in the present.


A Little on the Internet Generation
  • 1st Generation (1G): Brought about analog voice calling
  • 2nd Generation (2G): Delivered digital voice and texting (e.g GSM, CMDA and TDMA)
  • 3rd Generation (3G): Introduced Mobile Data (e.g HSPA, EXDO and UMTS)
  • 4th Generation (4G): Brought speed to the internet world (WiMAX and LTE)
  • 5th Generation (5G): Delivering Faster Speed, Lower latency and the ability to connect more devices.

5G technology is a new radio technology bringing an entirely different experience and utilizes; Scalable OFDM numerology with 2n scaling, flexible and scalable TDD sub frame design, advanced LDPC channel coding, advanced MIMO antenna and advanced spectrum sharing technology, thereby changing the way 4G works currently.


What will 5G help us achieve?

Like nothing you have seen before 5G is bringing an entirely different thing to the world. 10X to 100X improvement in speed of 4G (10Gbps), 90% reduction in network energy usage, 1000x bandwidth, 100X more connected devices compared to 4G, and lower latency
If you are using a smartphone then whatever you do before with your phone will be faster and better. Interestingly, 5G will be offering a lower latency compared to 4G when sending and receiving data. 4G uses 200 milliseconds but 5G will be down to 1 millisecond (1ms). Which means interaction between services and the cloud will be at real-time. Self-driving cars will be able to respond 250 times faster than when a human is driving, self-driving cars will be able to receive hundreds of information with other vehicles in within milliseconds.

5G will bring speed to IoT (Internet of Things) and make things smarter due to the speed of interaction with the cloud. Since 5G has scaled down data rate, power and mobility, it will be easier to put sensor in virtually everything. Machine to machine communication with be high at a scale no one has seen before. The ability to stream high quality video is one thing beautiful thing about 5G

The major thing about 5G speed is that the speed is directly related to how wide the available channel is the low-band 5G, medium-band 5G and High-band 5G.

In Conclusion

Unlike 4G, 5G needs more investment into infrastructure since it has a higher frequency. 4G is known to cover a large area but with 5G covering up to 2 meters indoor and 300 meters outdoor caused by high losses at high frequency. Old devices are not compatible with the 5th generation cellular network although new phones like the Samsung s10 is already using 5G network.

5G technology brings faster download, smoother streaming of online content, higher quality in voice calls as well as video calls, Increase in the use of IoT devices.


In my country, the current 4G isn't available in so many locations and the 3G is still fluctuating although we use it.

5G is a change in the world of internet. I can imagine a world were everything uses an internet very fast.

5G network is definitely going to take us on another high level of enjoyable internet access.

I can't wait to experience 5G, 10 times faster than 4G is a beautiful experience but won't there be excess radiation as it requires many mini base stations or masive Mimo.

Thanks for reading through, you know that for every technological advancement, there is an effect on mother nature and humans as well.
I am also of the opinion that the radiation level may be affected, but something could be done about that also, the effect could be minimized.

What amazes me about 5G network is the speed. With this speed, solutions are fast and internet of things becomes everything. Actually i know we will have a 6G,7G or 8G in the nearest future.

If 5G is this fast, I can only imagine how 6G, 7G or 8G will be.

10X to 100X improvement in speed of 4G (10Gbps), 90% reduction in network energy usage, 1000x bandwidth, 100X more connected devices compared to 4G, and lower latency

It sounds very exciting if you can massify this technology for all parts of the world, today it is incredible, but there are still urban areas in several countries that barely have 3G technology...

That's right, certain regions of the world enjoy better, greater and faster technology while some lag behind.

hi @futurekr

The use of 5G will surely require the use of more advanced and expensive equipment for users. It's a great technology, we will be communicated and watch content quickly but it will probably cost us a lot of money.

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