3D Printing, the Future of Housing

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There are a lot of homeless people around the world, and houses are getting destroyed as a result of natural disasters on a continuous rate. When disasters happen, it takes a long timr to get houses back in shape and with this problem, there need to be a solution.

The 3D method of building is a solution. With 3D, houses can be built in 24 hours. Unlike conventional homes, houses can be built faster and stronger from ground to top, producing any home of any shape provided the shape can be sketched/drawn online. The building is constructed in layers, and the construction is done by overlapping thin building materials on one another just like the icing designs on cake.


In Europe, construction of buildings with 3D is not a news. It saves time, save cost, reduce waste, and reduces the number of individuals needed to build the house. The technology will also be used not only on earth but outside earth. ICON has been funded by NASA to research on how to build a 3D home in the moon with the materials found in the moon, it also plans to build homes for Martians in Mars.

3D printing is going to become a new technology shaking the world soon as all homes would be built with 3D printers. Companies investing in 3D printing machines will look like CAT and Tesla in the future because the will be the solution to housing.


Limitations with this technology at the moment includes the inability to print wooden materials in houses, workers are still needed to do a few work which means it isn't completely automated.

In the future 3D will be used on every home and although technological adoptions used to be slow unless adopted by a private company, 3D will make a difference in housing.


I have read a lot about it, in fact, that type of house would be good to make them for people of limited use and that they are made in countries of the third world like my country Venezuela.

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I believe so thank you for reading.

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Some time ago, this kind of technology ( 3D printing ) achieved a good reputation, for the sake of the homeless, it is necessary to massively adopt this strategy of building a house by means of 3D printing. A technological future in civil works is opening up. Thank you for socializing this interesting article.

Thank you for reading my article.

Hello friend, this is great news, I did not know that this was a reality, I think it's great, it is something that will help many people and will not require further effort and expense. Technology has definitely brought us many benefits. This would be a solution for many homeless people. Greetings.

Thanks for reading my article friend.

3d building, how amazing will this be, cant fanthom how big the 3d printer will be to be able to achieve that. we are in the tech age, amazing things are now happening