The rumble of Bitcoin.

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When Satoshi Nakamoto put Bitcoin into circulation and available to everyone there in 2009, I don't know if he was aware of the revolution he was creating, or maybe he was a great visionary who had been here and heard the noise that he is making BTC this 2021.



What I want to share with you below is a modest analysis of what Bitcoin is generating at the level of traditional media, social networks and influential personalities in the world. Taking into account that money is the engine of the world, this digital asset is becoming the most desired asset throughout the world that, although they know its volatility, are betting on it as the best long-term investment.

Here are some reviews regarding Bitcoin that is making a loud noise in the economic world.

"Pump-and-dump": the strategy with which influencers deceive small investors in the stock market

Many people enter the game daily, some arrive to be scammed, others to win while others are dedicated to scamming the rest. All this generated mainly by the "noise" that BTC makes.

St. Louis Federal Reserve does not see bitcoin as a threat to the dollar

Cryptocurrency trading tax bill passed in Russian Duma

$ 600 million to raise MicroStrategy to invest in bitcoins

About 1,000 corporations are pouring money into bitcoin, says MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor



“I think a thousand companies have adopted bitcoin as digital gold since March 2020 and we have a stampede in 2021; It's a story we must tell, ”Saylor said during a CNN interview with Julia Chatterley.

From trading regulations to multi-million dollar investments it is the noise that Bitcoin is generating in the world today. While the price of BTC continues to climb, everyone at this point seems to be in a race after an asset that some still have some misgivings about, but from recent stories surely the remaining unbelievers will end up backtracking and adopting cryptocurrencies.

In my opinion, Bitcoin has already passed all the tests, we will see cryptocurrencies reigning in the economic field in the future, it seems that we are facing one of those historical changes that we read in history books that marked the history of humanity, only now we are witnessing presence of a system of change that came to stay and establish new rules in world trade.

Now, what to expect in the future?... I can already imagine a deployment of experts with educational campaigns to guide governments, institutions, companies and ordinary people to. In my country a few years ago a campaign was launched that sought to eradicate "technological illiteracy"; This campaign tried to educate people and teach them the basic use of technology, how to turn on a computer and work with it in an acceptable way.

Surely the world is going to need "cryptographic literacy teachers" who teach people the functions and use of cryptocurrencies so that this great legacy that Nakamoto left us, does not become the property of an elite and I do not mean only Bitcoin that it is the genesis of everything but any cryptographic project that can benefit people in any way.

And you, what do you think of all this?

Note: all links provided direct you to a review in Spanish.

Consulted sources: Morocotacoin and B.B.C Mundo


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There is always the doubt about whether it was a stroke of luck or a vision of the future, the truth of the case is that the Bitcoin has become the most valuable asset of all those who make incursions into the network and the currency of exchange, payment and others of all types of companies.
I remember when the government houses that manage the money of the United States and England forced the Koreans to sell their BTH and threatened to sanction anyone who bought it, achieving a short-lived victory and causing the currency to reach its lowest historical value and many predicted that it was the beginning of the end for it.
But it was not so, on the contrary, it gained momentum and every day it beats new records, I could venture to argue that perhaps making it forbidden stimulated many, in addition to the continuous collapses in the banks that handle the money of individuals and companies.

Now the next target is 100k and beyond! :)

Hello @fucho80

It is true that the circle that has been created around the Bitcoin, with dishonest people and scammers everywhere is causing a deafening noise, which from my perspective is the most disadvantageous element that cryptocurrencies are currently going through, and that in some way in the future can bring us serious problems. In relation to your question, what to expect in the future, in spite of this panorama of scammers, BTC is projected as the digital economic medium that will dominate the financial market on a global scale. Good post. Best regards.

Greetings @fucho80.

Actually the BTC currently has impacted the entire financial world worldwide and it is not for less, since in recent months has been impressive growth in its value, although many dishonest people are linked to the BTC and somehow overshadowing the importance that will have the BTC in the future.

Hello @fucho80
The cryptocurrency is here to stay, despite the dark side that it has been able to give it.
What you say is important:

"Surely the world is going to need "cryptographic literacy teachers" who teach people the functions and use of cryptocurrencies"
That is a reality that the world must assume and I hope that new academic alternatives will be offered in that sense.

Great read, thanks for sharing.

Best regards.