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Whenever I read or heard news about climate change, of the great summits organized with leaders from around the world, it gave me the impression that everyone was going for the photo, that nobody assumed the commitment they signed, and back to their countries of origin they continued with their enrichment agenda, of generating capital at whatever cost.



I do not know if it was a lack of information on my part or that concrete actions were not taken that positively impact the environment and our relationship with nature, after all money is the most important thing for the rulers of nations.

It is possible that there are statistics that I am not aware of, which reflect progress in combating climate change and gas emissions, but if they do exist, they must be minimal and with very low impact.

Encouraging news.

At the beginning of 2021 I read some news that caught my attention about this issue, and they make me consider that although it is not the definitive solution, they are steps in the right direction, which can give us hope for the future, if other companies and governments join in with similar or better initiatives.

First of all, I want to highlight a decision made by the President of the United States Joe Biden, who made the decision and announced that they will replace the entire fleet of federal vehicles with electric cars. The federal fleet is made up of xxx vehicles, a considerable amount of official cars that will still be replaced in an unknown period.

I think that it is a concrete decision that should not, if applied, represents a positive impact on the environment, although for some it may seem like a beginning and a concrete action.

The second important news is the Danish project that aims to build an artificial island, which will be a clean energy center. The island that will have a total area of ​​at least 120,000 square meters and in its first phase will be able to provide green energy to 3 million European homes.



"This project will be built in the North Sea and will be located 80 kilometers off the coast of the Jutland peninsula and will be public-private property, it will collect and distribute green electricity from hundreds of wind turbines that surround the island directly to the consumers in the countries surrounding the North Sea. "

In third place, the Jaguar car brand announced that they will only produce electric cars after 2025. Like Land Rover, they have a goal of 2039 so that all their production can reach zero carbon emissions, a very important goal for the environment .


We must admit that Jaguar is an exclusive brand and that not many people in the world can drive one of these vehicles, but we must take into account what Tesla and other manufacturers of electric cars are doing, as this industry is growing and many manufacturers will end up directing their investments in this type of vehicle, and it may be that in the future ordinary people can drive an electric car.

The Danish project is said to be the largest project ever undertaken by that nation and even if it is not the total solution it is an important step. We could say the same for the federal fleet.

Today in my own neighborhood, Asian merchants drive and sell electric motorcycles, forced by gasoline shortages; But even in a forced situation like this, there are indicators that tell us what course the world is taking and everything points towards green energies.

Let me know your opinion!


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Hello @fucho80
Electric vehicles can be considered a very important step in favour of the environment. We know that this will not be immediate for many countries, especially in third world countries, but progressively significant advances can be achieved in this area.
It is true that there are several vehicle brands such as Nissan, Volkswagen, Ds Automobiles, among others that already manufacture electric cars, many of them already offering them on the market in some countries.
In the particular case of Argentina, Sero Electric presented in 2019 its first electric car manufactured here and approved to drive on the street.
Let's hope that other initiatives in favor of the environment will continue to be incorporated.
Great reading, thanks for sharing it.
Have a great day.
Best regards.

Hello friend @fucho80

Unfortunately what you express is totally true "money is the most important thing for the rulers of nations", even to such an extent that they prefer to make purchases of medical supplies that generate them a large commission on the purchase, than to allocate funds to remedy some environmental problem that is causing a particular disease. Excellent publication. Regards

Hi @fucho80.

There are many things that we can hear in reference to the points discussed in your article, however, there are few achievements shown at the planetary level, hopefully the initiative of the implementation of these types of vehicles can somehow slow the progressive advance of global warming.

Thank you for sharing such interesting content with all of us.

Certainly various circumstances are taking the path towards green energy, greetings friend @fucho80 and thanks for sharing this information.

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