Application of technology in the fight against COVID-19

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The coronavirus is still very much alive and continues to do harm in many countries of the world, when we see television, the press or the Internet, news updates proliferate in real time informing about what is happening in the world and the rapid progress of this virus, I think that records are being broken as coverage of this tragic news that travels the world.



This unfortunate event has our attention 24 hours a day, so we can not avoid writing about the virus, taking for this different angles, points of view, appreciations or new elements that are emerging day by day. Today I want to share with you some of the different technological advances that are being implemented in the fight against COVID-19.

Maps and applications for real-time monitoring.

Unlike other times when pandemics that threatened humanity emerged, today in the so-called information age, the world is seeing the advance of COVID-19 almost in real time, this thanks to interactive mapping applications adapted to monitor the progress of the pandemic.

These applications are being used by different news programs around the world to inform the population of what is happening around the world, with permanent updates on the number of infected, recovered and deceased by regions and countries. Some of these applications are the ones I share below:

One of them is the one offered by the Jhons Hopkings University from the United States of America, which shows cases in real time.

Also the portal displaying the same type of information.

Robots used in different medical tasks.

Thai hospitals have deployed "ninja robots" to measure fever and protect the health of exhausted health workers, and robots in Denmark are using ultraviolet light to disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

Although robots have already been used for years in disaster situations and with some medical applications, the pandemic has highlighted the need to expand their role, according to scientists.

Breathing mask to help the most serious patients.

Recently medical researchers, together with engineers from the Mercedes Formula 1 team, developed respirators to relieve the lungs of the patients. CPAP (continuous positive pressure ventilation) were developed in one week, and it allows to alleviate the lungs of the patients, avoiding the placement of more invasive respirators (tubing).

Studies indicate that about half of the patients who used CPAP in Italy, avoided the use of more invasive devices.


In the world a kind of coalition is being formed to face a common enemy, every resource that can be used to heal or improve the condition of patients is welcome.

Undoubtedly, there are many more devices and applications that are being used to help combat this pandemic and that help a lot in the midst of the health crisis we are experiencing. In addition, there are many scientific laboratories working continuously to make their contribution in this dark night that lives The humanity.

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hi @fucho80

Another interesting post! I think data is very important, we need to analyse where the virus is and track how it spreads. Not just for covid-19 but for any future virus, we need to be better prepared in the future.

Right, the problem is that this virus surprised us and honestly it is difficult to know what other things the future holds for us. At the end of last year, no one imagined that today we would be in this situation.

Regards dear @fucho80.

Thank you for sharing this valuable post.
You have made me aware of several aspects that I did not know.

Stay safe.
Your friend, Juan.

Yes friend, we are very vulnerable we must try to get away from this virus.