The Use of Nanobot; An extension of technology in the medical field

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The world is becoming smaller, by that I do not mean the world literarily but what I mean is that, virtually everything in life is getting smaller in size, everything seem to be getting smaller. Remember the days of having to use very big mobile devices or big laptops, these days almost everyone goes around with a small pocket phone and even a laptop that could conveniently sit in a lady’s handbag. The origin of Nanobots dates back to a scientist called Richard Feynman, in an article published by Feynman in 1959, he made it known in his word, that (there is plenty of room at the bottom).

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The invention of robot is taking over almost every sector, robots have been created to make life more convenient for humans currently, we now have robots who can cay out simple household chores for us, we have robots who can lift heavy machines in the industry, and we also have robots who can offer delivery services. In this history of change, medicine is not left behind because pretty soon we will have robots moving around the blood stream of humans.

Silicon seem to be an excellent material in making nanobots and the reason is because the silicon is very flexible, extremely durable and it also has the ability to conduct electricity, because these bots are extremely small, a very little amount of them is what will be required to perform the given tasks.

The robots believed to be able to work inside the human body is called NANOMETER, nanometer is so small in size that a hundred thousand of these robots is what make up an average human hair.

The American society of mechanical engineers believed that nanotechnology will leave virtually no aspect of life untouched and is expected to be in widespread use by 2020.

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The Functions of Nanobots in Medical Field.

Nanobots is believed to serve as an assistant for complex medical conditions that doctors may try to treat, Nanobots will be able to function effectively through the human body delivering assigned items to specific areas in the body. Nanobots could also be used in getting rid of issues associated with dietary.

Nanobots has been discovered and tested to help prevent and treat serious ailments like cancer and health disease. Nanobots could also create antibodies to prevent the spread of other ailments.

Nano medicine is used by researchers to boost immune therapy.

Nano technology could be used for issues of cardiac repair.

Nano technology could be used to remove plaque from the eyes.

Damaged and diseased tissues can be repaired through the use of nano bots.


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"The American society of mechanical engineers believed that nanotechnology will leave virtually no aspect of life untouched and is expected to be in widespread use by 2020."

I imagine that you meant another date, because it is already 2020, and although a lot of progress has been made, even in nanotechnology it is still far from being able to solve all these problems you are talking about. It's an interesting area of scientific development, and I also think it will be of benefit later on.