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Hello dear friends, I hope you have an excellent week. Today I come with a topic that I read recently and called my attention, our dear "MARK ZUCKERBERG" promises to create a Smart Glasses that allow us to teleport, the truth seems to me an amazing idea and also ambitious, but I think that for this gentleman almost nothing is impossible.

Certainly it was something that left me with my mouth open, I know that there are currently other devices that allow us to use virtual reality in certain video games, but I doubt very much that it can compare with the fact of being able to feel that you are among your own people without being physically there.



This great character intends that these glasses allow us to move to that scenario where we want to be, either with our friends, family and even in our own work. On the other hand, he also has in mind that this would help the environment by preventing people from moving from one place to another or having to travel long hours to see their loved ones.

I had not seen something like this, for that reason I bring it to the community to share with you this tremendous idea. I don't know how likely it is but I would like to experience it.



I think that nowadays with the pandemic problem it would be very useful, but unfortunately we will have to wait a few more years, although I hope that by then we will not be in quarantine hehehehe....

I know that this replaces the physical contact since that is irreplaceable but it can be of great help especially for the labor part, to be able to carry out meetings at a distance or to be able to work from our homes. For today's migrants who unfortunately can not be close to our families would also be a great idea, just to be able to feel that we are there would be something fabulous.

I don't know how real it could be or if the project will happen, but I hope it will be for the benefit of society and not to further disintegrate the families of the world.


Once again we can see how technology advances, how these great entrepreneurs and investors want to automate us and make us dependent on it, of course, technology is a great ally for many things, many activities, it facilitates many things, but it has also come to sabotage our way of living and seeing life, especially in the new generation.

We cannot put above our values these inventions that despite being very attractive, take us further away from reality every day. Being always inside a home without exposure to the outside world can hinder that ability to socialize and to be able to solve problems in the future.

EVERYTHING HAS A PRO AND A CON. What do you think about it?

For now I say goodbye, thanks for reading! :)





Hi @franyeligonzalez

Your article made me remember the great impact that was generated when Microsoft included Smart Glass technology in the launch of Windows 8, since then everything advanced so fast to the point of Smart Glasses that allow us to teleport, even if at first it seems inconceivable we will never cease to be amazed with these types of technological advances.

Best regards, be well.

Hi dear @franyeligonzalez
Teleportation has always been another dream of man, is evidently very useful but without completely replacing some human socialization needs.
We will follow the path of progress in this regard.
Great read friend, thank you for sharing.
Have a great day!

Interesting , I guess sheldon's dreams will finally be coming true. With the change in the normal order of things due to the pandemic, it will really be a groundbreaking or perhaps planet breaking discovery

Hi friend @franyeligonzalez, the news you share today is surprising, but perhaps in the coming years it can be realized, if it has the financing to conduct the necessary research and testing, and with Zuckerberg that should not be a problem.
Many of the inventions in their beginnings were seen as not very feasible, and after hard work, perseverance and investment, they paid off.
Thanks for sharing the information.
Greetings, happy week

Teleportation will not happen in the next decade I believe.

Hello friend, this man is really a visionary, in these days I saw something similar, they used this type of reality for a mother to see her deceased daughter again, they recreated it and both were in a virtual context, in my opinion it was very painful, but hey, the point is technology. Everything will always have a pros and cons, being physically is irreplaceable but these tools soften the absence in a certain way, on the other hand, for work and studies, it is really great.

Hi @franyeligonzalez, the idea is really good but Zuckerberg is more dangerous than a monkey with a crossbow.

Hi dear friend @franyeligonzalez

For today's migrants who unfortunately can not be close to our families would also be a great idea

It would be good for my family to pretend that we are all close, because almost all have emigrated, I think it would be very useful is the next step after video calls.

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