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Today I come with a topic that I think covers a lot of our day to day, "TECHNOLOGY", What role does this word play in our lives? Do we really give it the importance it deserves or have we reached the excess of it?

I think these are questions we should ask ourselves in our current society.




Our life revolves around many things, but in general I think that technology encompasses a great deal, let's look around and think that part of our environment is not a technological environment, in our own homes we are full of them.

The truth is that I believe that technology has become a NEED FOR ALL OF US, although many of us don't want to accept it, it would be very complicated to live without something that we are used to, for example, our cell phones. In my case it would be impossible to be without my phone since besides doing many things with it, it is also the means of communication I have with my family.

Thanks to all these advances we live in today's society, we have progressed a lot, there is no denying it, both in the work environment and in the health part, I think that thanks to the study of many diseases and the application of technology we have advanced and have managed to help many people.



Technology has made life much easier for us, I believe that we have been able to advance in many things but retreat in others, today many people are not capable of doing something if they don't have the technological apparatus, for example, if we don't have a calculator in our hands we can't multiply or add, I believe that in a certain way we have become a little useless. As I said at the beginning, everything has its cons and I believe that one of those cons is how dependent we have become on those apparatus.

Thanks to technology we have been able to improve our quality of life, save time in many things, we have achieved greater comfort, but we have also achieved a higher rate of overweight and obesity by sedentary people because if we are dependent on a device we do not need anything else. We have moved away from health, from exercise, from sharing with family and friends, we have isolated ourselves from most of the things that used to make us happy. I believe that technology did not come to harm our lives, but as everything in excess is harmful.

So if we make good use of it, we can continue to have a healthy life but with the same comforts, don't you think?.

What do you think is the role of technology in our lives?

Thanks for reading me!! :)





The role of technology plays a fundamental role in our lives, since through the history of humanity it has helped us to simplify doing things and their way, but everything has a teaching on how to manage, administer technology and prepare people. new generation of relay to share information, since each moment a new innovation is created.

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