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Hello dear friends, today I bring you another important topic, which I hope will be to your liking.


In my opinion, they are a set of digital tools that we can use to communicate with whomever we want (either through writing or visually), in addition to that, to be able to acquire knowledge, make publicity and even be able to obtain economic benefits.




It is no secret that nowadays everyone communicates through a smartphone or a computer. That there are millions of applications that make our lives a little easier, both personally and at work, such as Whatsapp.

But today I do not want to talk about applications or their benefits, today I want to refer to the misuse of social networks and what they can cause in us.

I want to emphasize the time we spend using them, I agree to spend a lot of time on the computer if your economic life depends on it, if there are more benefits that it will produce in your life. Unlike someone who spends hours checking out their social networks but only as a hobby. I think they're two completely different things.



The population most affected by this new form of social networking is of course the youngest, although some adults make an exception.

This can cause not only disappointment but also anxieties, depressions and can even lead to suicide, just for not being like others or for not receiving the approval of the people on their websites.

It is a topic that perhaps many people overlook because they probably thought (WHAT STUPIDITY), but they are realities, perhaps we have not had to live them but they do happen.

In my opinion it is a very delicate subject, because playing with a person's mental health is not a game. For that reason I consider that children and adolescents who even as we say are not totally free and can depend on an adult must be supervised and rules must be implemented, schedules that allow them to distract the mind but not in excess, in addition to supervising which are the web pages they visit.




Another important point is the isolation they suffer once involved in that world, they end up being lonely people and therefore many fall into depression. We also have the sleep disorders that this can entail, spending a lot of time in front of a computer or a phone watching facebook, instagram or whatsapp can alter the hours of sleep and come to suffer from insomnia. As a result, many mood swings occur.

As we can see things with social networks are not as nice as many paint them, if we do not know how to use them in the best way and in moderation they can seriously affect our health and our life in general. These are just some of the factors that could be a consequence of too much social media.

Thank you for reading me!!






it is sad that reality in which your personality ideals are determined by a magazine or a social network that hurts people and makes them consumers and dependent

You're right, buddy, thanks for stopping by!

Everything in excess hurts. That's what I think. For many, networks are their way of life, they work with that, but still excess can hurt. The impact you're talking about on young people is certainly a part of trying to limit, because it can be very damaging

Hello @josevas217 thanks for your comment!

Hello @franyeligonzalez, we all see how technology advances and next to it a lot of social networks that we must know how to use, smartphones have become the trend today, But people seem to live in isolation in a world sometimes of appearances where they only publish the things they managed to buy, to me sometimes they are superficial things.

On the other hand, there is the issue of our children, we should monitor them because there is a lot of content not appropriate for them and if we neglect they could acquire some misconduct.

I consider myself a lover of technology, but technology is knowing how to use it and not for her to use us, a pleasure to read to you

Good point, to know how to use it but not to use us! You're right about that, nowadays superficiality reigns, it's something we can't fight with, many people have a stagnant mind and can't see or think beyond the visible.

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