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Hello dear friends, I was lost again, but I'm back, I hope you're doing well and you're starting the month of August with a good attitude.

Today I want to talk about an excellent platform, which in my opinion is very necessary today due to the quarantine and pandemic. It is nothing less than 1doc3 a medical platform.




1DOC3 is a website that helps people through free consultations, today only operates throughout Latin America, has its headquarters in Mexico and Colombia, at the moment is only for Spanish speaking people.

Particularly I use it, I think it is an excellent way to be in touch with medicine, as they say there, medicine at your fingertips, you do not need to leave home to get a medical consultation.

There are 2 ways you can make a consultation: first, you can enter the website https://www.1doc3.com/ or you can download the application (it is available for iphone and android) then you can ask a question which will be answered in less than 2 hours, but if you want a private consultation and chat directly with a doctor you can also do it through chat, in this case if you have to cancel an amount of $ 9.9

It is not difficult to access the platform, you can ask your questions anonymously, it is important to place if you have a history of either a basic pathology or surgery. And of course ask your question with as much information as possible, if you have certain symptoms specify how long, what are the characteristics, clarify well what you want to know, because that will help doctors to answer your question in the best way.




This application was born or created with the purpose of helping people who cannot easily access a medical consultation, its creator is called JUAN CARDONA MORA, who after a small accident, realized that from where he was, he could not immediately access a health center or a consultation through the internet, it was there when he realized the lack and decided to create 1doc3 both on the web and application.

Fortunately, it has had a good impact, so much so that it was praised by Mark Zuckerberg at one of his big events. It is a platform that has more than 1000 doctors from different Latin countries (Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru), was created on June 15, 2014 and daily handles thousands of questions through the web.

Today it has 2 great alliances NEQUI and also MOVISTAR, every day it continues growing and helping more people to solve their doubts and illnesses.



I think that today there is a lot of concern about the pandemic, about having certain respiratory symptoms that could be attributed to a possible coronavirus, there is a lot of despair in the general population and we know that not everyone is financially able to go to a private medical practice or simply does not want to go to the hospital for fear of contagion.

This type of tool is what is needed today in various parts of the world, a platform of easy access and good quality. I recommend it with my eyes closed hehehe the doctors who are part of it are very professional and always seek to help the patient.

So, if you do not want to leave your house, because besides the risk it may not be an emergency and that would cause saturation of the health sector I recommend you to join 1doc3 a medical website with the intention of solving your ailments and concerns.

Thanks for reading me!!

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we all need consultation from doctors either it's a family issue or medical fitness issues. welcome back again i hope you wont get lost again lol.

This type of tool is what is needed today in various parts of the world, a platform of easy access and good quality. I recommend it with my eyes closed hehehe the doctors who are part of it are very professional and always seek to help the patient

surely professional doctors are needed in emergency situation

Hahaha I hope so too!! Thanks for reading, man.

To be very honest, thats something new that i just learnt about.
Thanks for sharing :)
Hope you are safe too my friend :)

I'm glad you learned it today. Thank you for your comment.

Excellent friend who can bring us relevant information about this medical platform that can provide us with medical advice, especially in these hard times when many do not have the possibility of going to a health center.

Thank you for sharing such important information. Greetings

I'm glad it's a great help, I think it's a solution for certain ailments!

Hello @franyeligonzalez, extraordinary information that you provide us in your article, when it comes to our health nothing abounds everything is needed, highlighting the value of the technological aspect for communication with this medical platform, ie a rational use of technological advances, thanks for sharing so essential information and even more in these times. Greetings.

Hello friend, thanks for your words I think it is important to be healthy and there are tools that facilitate the process.

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