We all depend on each other in terms of economy - Coronavirus in China proves that!

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Unless you just landed from the moon, you must have heard or read much about Coronavirus and how it is changing lives for worst. China use to be a busy, manufacturing hub, a mini economy that makes almost everything. For those of us living in Africa, if we are to remove everything China from each home, just few things would remain. Even in so-called developed economies, China is still a relevant in every discussion about manufacturing, business or economy. For example, I heard from news recently that most hospitals in the US depend on China for light equipment supplies such as masks, gloves and other things. No they are suffering shortage of these. The outbreak of Coronavirus in China surely has global consequences on the economy.

Sometimes, Governments of some countries boast as if they had everything...

.... and as individuals, we also sometimes speak or carry on as though we are self-contained. However, as we have seen from this recent pandemic, man exists or should exist as a dependent being. No single individual of country has all they needed. We all look up to others for some form of assistance or aid. Yes, even the richest person on this planet must depend on poor people to serve them. Money or wealth cannot run errands, make things, talk, sing, volunteer in times of disaster and other things. We have to acknowledge that we cannot live and exist wholly on our own. Our very existence is tied with some support or collaboration with others.

So as everyone is rallying to remain healthy in this Coronavirus outbreak, any lessons....

Yes. Somethings, it takes a complete turn around in our lives or some tragic event for us to actually come to terms with reality. In the midst of the confusion created by the outbreak of Coronavirus in CHina and some other countries, here is the lesson I (and probably all of us) must take home:

  • Unexpected events can change our lives forever: Sure that's a cool point to take home. While we plan and work hard towards whatever thing we like, we should accept that we can never be in total control of our lives or some events that happen to us. When this year 2020 started, China or any other country were not prepared to face this kind of public health crisis. Non of us expected the Coronavirus to happen. But of out the blues, it came and now everyone is affected in some way. So since unexpected things can happen to anyone, we want to live a life of purpose and always be self-sacrificing. Since we do not know what will happen tomorrow, we should be the best we can be now.

  • We must accept that we depend on others for support: Yes, you can imagine how other countries are affected by this Coronavirus even if there is no recorded cases there. Some countries in Africa are affected economically because they depend on China because of global trade. Even countries in Europe that have trade relations with China are now affected because of the outbreak. So we do not want to act as though we have it all. Sooner or later, we will be looking up to others for some kind of support or assistance. When we remember that we need the assistance of others to survive, we are best motivated to act unselfishly towards everyone.

  • There is only one race - the human race: Are you not touched by people dying in China, Italy or other places. You are probably not indifferent to the suffering caused by this outbreak. Families have lost loved ones in death, business have been disrupted and economies have been affected. Since we have this fellow feeling towards others and are touched by their suffering, we do not want to feel that others are inferior in some way. We should accept others as equal to us and deserving of all the rights and opportunities we enjoy. If its possible for us to accept the there is just the human race, then man's inhumanity to many will be reduced if not eliminated.


Wherever you are, adhere to instructions from government and health professionals to stay healthy and alive. We hope that Coronavirus will go one day. Meanwhile, we want to turn the negative atmosphere into a positive one.


This outbreak is too vicious, friend.
Hoping CoVirus is not contagious, especially to on us and our families as well as others.

You have outlined great lessons we must all learn from this trying seasons, it is essential that every man realizes that no man or country can exist on it's own as we all need each other to survive. Cheers

This is definitely the best time to stick together.

Hello @focusnow

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Unexpected events can change our lives forever

I fully agree with this and everything else you raise.
It is important to mention that maintaining a positive attitude is vital, knowing that we can avoid being negative and seeing what adds up in each situation, it is the key to success in most things. A pleasure to read your opinions.

I agree with your opinion @focusnow, this trying times reminds us now more than ever that it is necessary to stick together in order to win together.

Sure @ajewa and thanks for dropping by. Nobody is completely self-contained. At one point or another, we will have to count on others for some form of assistance. Isn't it better now to learn how to work cooperatively with each other and nations

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