If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

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The quote above has been attributed to Warren Buffet, one of the richest business mogul the world has ever known. Am not sure if he was the one that made it or not. However, I found great sense and I strongly believe in the message passed across by that quote. You probably know that I am a proponent of entrepreneurship and self-employment. I researched about how to create multiple streams of income recently and accidentally, I found out this: in Forbes list of the richest people of the world, non of them is an employee. It gave credence to the above subject of finding an establishing some business that could make you money while you sleep. Unfortunately, the educational system has something else to say.

What we are taught in schools

Unlike encouraging people to develop entrepreneurial spirit, the education system today encourages students to make good grades. Yes, they believe that to be successful, you must go to school, make good grades, come out and land a well-paying job. Many have believed this. Students are taught to focus on grades and less importance is attached to learning life skills needed to succeed. We see the result today. The labour market is filled with job seekers that have little technical skills needed to do the job. And talking about jobs, the global unemployment rate shows that there are actually fewer jobs available for the millions of job-seekers globally.

A friend once said that in some countries, school is scam. Because you go through such schools and come off worse. Another friend said this: "The government told us that education is the key. We went to school and good the education which is the key, only to come out and see that government has changed the padlock". Funny, isn't it? Please get it right. Am not saying that going to school is bad. Not at all, I am a graduate too. But my point is that we have to find a way to make extra income and not depend completely on our full-time jobs. Like Warren Buffet said, lots of people have chosen to work till they die because they have closed their eye or completely ignorant of opportunities to make money while sleeping.

Granted, it is difficult in some countries to build multiple streams of income. Sometimes, economic conditions and government policies might hinder people from getting alternative sources of making money. However, many have found that the internet gives us a lot of opportunities to make money online. Yes, you can explore money making opporunities that you can find online. Lots of people - I included - have leveraged these opportunities. So why not think about them too. Here they are:

A few Opportunities to make extra income online

1. Freelancing: If you have a skill or you can teach a someone a skill, you can sell that knowledge online. There are lots of freelancing platforms online. You can do a little Google search on that.

2. Blogging: You already know that. If you have a soft spot for writing, then blogging is for you. On Steemit here, you can make little extra income. You can also start a blog website of your own. Think about a niche that you are good at and start from there.

3. HODL: This is a cryptocurrency business where you buy and hold cryptos when the market is low, and sell when the market price is high to make your profit.

4. Dropshipping: You can source on-demand products online, promote them and when people make orders, you supply to them. There are lots of dropshipping platforms out there. A little Google search will open your eye on that.

5. Web designing: Is no longer pure programming. There are lots of tools and WYSIWYG platforms today that you can use for web designing. You can learn to use some of them in few days. Wordpress is a prime example. So if you have web designing skill, you can look for web jobs online or in your area. There are still many other opportunities to make money online. Why not do a little more digging on Google to unearth them.



You do not have to work until you die. All you need to do is to brainstorm for business ideas, and plan to start up something. You can also research the suggested online businesses and numerous others that you can easily start. Even if you have a full-time job, its not entirely wrong to look for side gigs that you can make extra money from. There is lack of job security today, and you can always fall back on alternative income sources if something drastic happens to you or your job. Think about this!!!!


Are not 1-5 all examples of working?

Also, are you really making money? Is it money or just fiat currency? And are you really making it, or just taking/getting it?

Thanks friend @drutter for dropping by. "Working" is used here in contest to denote being employed under an organization - sort of doing a day job. The idea is to do work that brings residual income, you know its not possible to work while you sleep. If properly set up, some of the examples can be done without following a rigid schedule or even leaving your house.

But my point is that we have to find a way to make extra income and not depend completely on our full-time jobs.

Even if you have a full-time job, its not entirely wrong to look for side gigs that you can make extra money from.

Of course like I mentioned above, a nice paying day job is inevitable for some. But, how about creating multiple or alternative sources of income? Thats what Warren and I believe in.

Good topic. I would add to the HODL also staking coins and get passive income, the interest.
Can anyone guess from what movie is this quote? I like it.

if you do not find a way, no one will.

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@focusnow, In Materialistic Point Of View this sounds true and definitely it's really important to have sources of Income which are Passive in nature. Stay blessed.

Hi @focusnow

You are right friend. we should only take advantage of the opportune ones that are currently available on the Web-

Especially coming from the countries where we live, countries submerged in corruption, it is up to us to go afloat and not get carried away by those negative attitudes.


@lanzjoseg thanks for sharing such a positive thought. I was touched by this:

countries submerged in corruption

Because that is the singular biggest problem most countries in Africa face. But I hope we can utilize whats available to us and win

Warren Buffet is very right about this. If our money doesn't work for us, we can never reach what we dream of. For this, we should always continue our research and studies. The cryptocurrency world has begun to give us this chance.

Exactly the point.

Most of your earning opportunities (freelancing, blogging, designing- programming) require hard work and can’t be made in your sleep. (I wrote about it: Is It Only a Myth? – the Genuine Truth About Passive Income)

I love my job, my profession. I love writing so much I do it also in my free time, evenings or weekends. I can’t imagine my life without work… or, no more than a couple of weeks on holidays.

By the way, Buffett also continues working, with 89 years, I think.

Yes you made sense. Work here is discussed in context of a day job, that pins people down to a routine and life of modern slavery. Writing is one of those passive income in a sense. For example, if you do printed works, it continues generating recurring income years after the initial effort. Thats the kind of work people should do and have time for friends and family, instead of doing 9-5.

Some time ago (enough years to be honest), when I was studying for my teacher training, I found myself studying what was meant by "instructing" and its difference with education.

You see, the goal of education that we inherited from the last century was aimed at the training of labor for industry and for companies, as well as the preparation of the necessary bureaucratic labor for the functioning of governments. So, ordinary people are not prepared to emerge as innovators or entrepreneurs, in fact that would contradict the same meaning of the entire existing education system.

Therefore, the art and technology of entrepreneurship is reduced to a group that decides to take a risk or has contact with a mentor who guides him to work his own way.

First of let me tell you that to my knowledge that's WB quote.

Regarding the school system it's not complete waste of time but I agree that people working at board of education have designed it so that we can just become obedient employees in the future.
But important fact is that not everyone can be entrepreneur or business owner therefore it's the parents job to show the path to their kids and help them move towards being a leader not a follower.
If everyone owns a business there will be noone to work for you.

Basically your child needs to be convinced that he/she is chosen one like Wb and supported all the way on this path.

This is quite an interesting topic to stop by. I agree with you on finding extra income. I don't want to work my daily job and still struggling for living.

Blogging is one thing that I dare took the challenge and try.

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