How Zoom shot to quick fame in a time of Crisis - a vital lesson!

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Every situation that presents itself always have a way of making some people sad and making others go up. When we have worked hard even if the future remains uncertain or we cant see any immediate gain or profit to our endeavors, we should keep on working hard - just continue to believe, you never know when the last piece of the puzzle will fall into place. A case in point is video conferencing app Zoom.

Before this pandemic that threw the world into confusion, Zoom was not such a global sensation. Some individuals and businesses knew and use the platform. But then, the COVID 19 pandemic came along and changed how we meet and relate with people for some time now. Expressions like social distancing, isolation and quarantine became everyday language. It suddenly became a health risk to stay to close to people let alone, touch their bodies. We were then advised to maintain some reasonable distance with the next person if we must see in person at all. But then, some things cannot be removed.

...Human or person to person interaction is always inevitable

So no matter how bad the situation looks, there is need for meetings. People meet for religious, political, social or academic reasons. So we looked up to technology to fancy for us another to meet, see and hear each other. We found Zoom. The now star-struck application and platform has enabled various groups to meet and conduct their meetings virtually. The thing is that when this company rolled out Zoom as a service, they did not envision COVID 19. They probably did not see a time like this when common handshake will no longer be common. They probably thought about staff meetings for international organizations where participants cannot meet in a physical location. But then, things can change quickly.

Zoom is now being used by parliaments, governments, individuals and organizations. The company has since the outbreak of the pandemic seen a sharp rise in the number of users, not just in the zus, but also globally. And you know what the increasing usage means, more money is coming into the company pockets. Now, its nearly impossible to read a technology news section that has nothing to report about Zoom or the company behind it. I even know that some big companies are looking into developing a rival service right now. Thats not my business anyway....

Here is the point - and lesson!

Whatever you are working at right now, do it with all your might. Be convinced that it will see the light of the day somehow. Sometimes, we let our vision slip because we cannot see immediate results. What we are doing does not seem to matter. Fine, your friends might even label you dumb or crazy. But if you have a really strong vision for what you are doing, you do not want to give up on it. You want to keep pushing it. You want to keep working hard to get to your goal. It might take time. Things may not go as planned, but the determined soul will always get something worthwhile accomplished.

Thats a lesson am taking home from COVID 19 and Zoom.

How are you dealing with the lockdown in your area?


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