5 ways to use social media to boost your small business!

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The advent of social media platforms have had a tremendous impact on how people spend their free time, connect with friends and reach out to others. Almost everyone with access to internet has a profile on one or more social media platforms. Beyond being just a platform to socialize with others, there is now a great potential to turn social media platform into a global marketplace. Smart startups and business owners, including large organizations are reaching out to customers through social media. Little wonder that such terms as Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and other terms have become popular in the business circle. So if you have never though about it, social media platforms can really transform your business from being relatively unknown to becoming a global household name. Here is how:

1. Reach out to new customers: Yes, potentially, all your clients or customers are social media. Many people check their social media handles as the first thing each morning. And no matter where they are, notifications keep coming and they want to keep up with all of them. So if your business does not have a visible presence on social media platforms, you could be loosing out bigtime to competitors.

2. Expand your reach: Left with traditional marketing, your business is always local in scope. You only exist in a small part of the street in a large city. But through social media platforms, your business can connect to potential customers in far places. Social media platforms give businesses the ability to operate outside its immediate environment. When ou are able to sell to customers everywhere, you increase your customer base and that translates to more sales and larger profit.

3. Build loyal followers: Social media platforms are now smart ways of building loyal customers that keep coming back to use your services. Accumulating customers take time and effort. SO retaining them is very crucial. With social media platforms, you can build and maintain a large crowd of followers. This is like a waiting market, ready to see new products or services that your business will offer. When you have such a crowd, your business already has great potential for growth.

4. Update your customers: Social media platforms are so unique in their capability to send and edit information. So if there is a newer model of your product or an upgrade of an existing service, customers can be be informed. If you are moving to a new location or want to run some promotion, your social media platform is a nice place to give out such information. In its entirety, social media platforms gives you the flexibility in how you give out information to your clients and keep them abreast in what is happening in your organization.

5. Get vital feedback: It is necessary to know how your customers feel about your products or services. It helps to know what you are doing fine and what needs to be fine-tuned. Social media platforms give you the ability to see comments and reactions from your buyers. If there are many positive feedbacks, then it means you are doing well. Additionally, when others see how much your customers are pleased with your services, they are more inclined to patronize you.


While many people see social media platforms as a place to catch some fun, every business owner should see them as a place to drive growth for their business. With the right Social media marketing strategy in place, you can achieve tremendous success in getting new customers and making more sales


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I agree with you, social media should be utilized by business owners to grow their businesses and not just for the purpose of fun .

Yeah, You are right.
For a small scale business that is still in the development stage, using social media in business marketing can provide many benefits and advantages.

In the practice, it can be though to build a follower group. I have tried it.

Yes i really see businesses that flourish making use of social media.

I am not really a " social media person" because almost everything portrayed seems perfect and we all know that is not how life is, but if helps in the promoting of businesses then it is great to use it properly .

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