An Award Winning Invention: The Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket

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The best invention of 2018 was awarded to a solar charged jacket, this jacket can easily get charged through a beam of light source and it could glow in dark regions, the jacket is highly responsive to light because simple materials like a flash light, a phone torch light would cause a reaction on it, but the major source of energy is directly from the sun, so wearing out this jacket on a normal afternoon, charges it up and the energy is stored for a time when you get to a dark region.

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Amazing features of the solar charged jacket.

The jacket is flexible and stretchy making it easy to wear, its material is made up welded laser cut. Its water proof nature thereby preventing water from damaging its . The wearer of the jacket can breathe through conveniently. The jacket is extremely soft. The jacket isqwaterproofed. The jacket can be rolled up or down as in the usual fashion of a normal jacket. The jacket has a storm guard. There is an adjustable waist cord around the waste of the jacket. The jacket could be hand washed with only cold water when it is dirty. The jacket is responsive to light. The jacket could be worn anywhere and at any time because it is beautifully designed like a fashion jacket. A person who gets missing can get spotted easily as a result of the reflection of the light.

These solar charged jacket can have any description on it, in the sense that the wearer of the jacket can decide to write anything he likes on the jacket using a tiny ray of light in a dark room. The light from a torch could be used to make any description on the jacket, the jacket is made in a way that, it glows more in a dark room.

During the day the solar charged jacket appears in a grey colour but when it is dark and charged, it changes completely into a green colour.

The solar energy harnessed in the day time provides warmth for the wearer of the jacket at night or during cold weathers, the sun has a lot of benefits and scientists have been looking for ways to harness its energy for human use, we have solar panels that can give us light and draw energy into our homes but this innovation is on a completely new level, the energy harnessed can become useful when the sun is out to provide warmth to the wearer.

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