Technology and its change: Why we need to adopt

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The technological change will continue. And we can see several blockchain-based platforms coming into existence. Here it is an opportunity for us to cope up with those platforms and do something for the betterment of the next world. And I love blurt for this reason. I strongly believe that the next world will be of blockchain Technology and no one will spend their time without getting any financial benefit or other benefit. We can see a lot of people are spending their time on restless activities on traditional social media and in return they are not getting nothing.

But the blockchain technology-based media and platforms are giving much more opportunity to us to earn some money by adding value and spending our quality time. That's why it’s getting popular and hopefully will lead the next world. Today I want to show and share my opinion and thought about the recent change of one of the features in blurt.


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We can see how many people has liked on our posts. But we cannot see how many people has viewed my post. But couple of days back when I was just browsing blurt, I have seen the feature of watch. How many people has gone through this post has been should just right of the like button? This is really cool and innovative feature because we can see some likes another post but if you want to know how many lives, we have gotten by how many views.

This is just only a feature but it means a lot. Because if you think about the view and like ratio than we can easily understand how quality our writing is. If quality is maintained then there is a huge possibility of getting a like after view. But if we don't get so we need to be aware of and we need to try to improve our posting.

I don't know which angle the others are thinking about this feature. But I love this feature. And it a lot to me.

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Hi @engrsayful - It seems like a good functionality but to be honest, I am not sold currently on the usage of Blurt.

In the world of Microsoft, they have an application called Sway which is a way of creating mobile/tablet friendly articles. What I like about Sway is they have a way of measuring the amount of time someone spends reading your post. That is even more powerful because, in some platforms, people click on the link to just scroll to the bottom to vote to get the curation reward. Measuring and rewarding true engagement is not easy.

I am interested to check please because true reward of spending time should be achieved

Every day new innovations and applications appear in the blockchain ecosystem, as an opportunity to invest in a decentralized way and also to know well how it affects the crypto-currency market.