The race to the moon intensifies

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Greetings friends. In the recently ended month of March we witnessed interesting announcements in the field of space exploration, on the one hand the nations of China and Russia announced the signing of a cooperation agreement to establish a lunar base with the aim of strengthening interaction in space research for peaceful purposes. With the construction of a base on the surface and orbit, it is expected to expand the exploration of our satellite and conduct research experiments and technological verification in order to send manned missions and to be present for long periods on the moon.

Several nations have renewed this long-standing dispute. Image credit:

This agreement seems to be a response to the Artemis project, NASA's space program to send astronauts to the moon, which would be the successor to the historic Apollo program that took a man to the satellite for the first time, according to NASA spokesmen, through this project it is expected that the United States will visit the moon again in 2024. Moscow criticized this program and refused to participate, since it did not consider it appropriate that the responsibility for the design of the stations should fall on private companies such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin Corp, assuring that it is opposed to the privatization of the exploration of the moon.

As for separate missions, China will launch this year the central module of its future permanent station, which will be the backbone of its space exploration program for the next decade. Russia will send a probe next year to initiate research that will allow them to send a manned mission to the moon in 2031. And let's remember that these two nations have already succeeded in landing exploration robots there, something in which Israel failed in its attempt to be the fourth nation to land exploration instruments on the moon.

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Now, to close last month's space news, South Korea also announced its entry into this new space race to the moon, its leaders claiming to have charted the path to become Asia's fourth space power, following the path of China, India and Japan. According to Seoul's aspirations, they hope to launch a probe into space in 2022 with the aim of mapping the moon and planning possible sites and descent for a manned mission in 2030. Although Korea is not a newcomer to the space sector, since it has already placed several satellites in orbit of its own manufacture, but it is working in a hurry to have its own rocket for launches, in the short term it hopes to have its rocket called Nuri ready, whose maiden flight is scheduled for next October.

It seems that a new race to the moon is being fueled, like the one that took place more than half a century ago, with the difference that now we have more participants in the contest. Although each country has its own political agenda in this regard, we cannot deny that this is an impressive display of technology that, beyond the particular purposes, will push us as humanity towards the conquest of space. Let us hope that each country can then join their efforts and create a great space community, like the one we saw for the construction of the international space station.

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I never understood the reason why the trips to the moon were stopped, there are many hypotheses about how economically unproductive they were for the United States, that is, they were not able to bring back something that would recover their expenses and the moon rocks did not have elements that they thought would be valuable. Another speaks of a fabricated lie about the arrival and also those who think it was a political game. Let's hope that now, with more participants, this race will not stop.

Greetings friend @joseph1956. Certainly then there was the political component of winning the race against the Russians, and it is also true that economically it was unfeasible to sustain the program, hopefully this time with more technology at disposal we will see a more sustained program over time.

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Thanks for the support my friend!

It is just amazing how we thought reaching the moon was imposibble years ago and now it is just way simpler, technology development is really awesome.

That's right my friend, if before such a feat was achieved with less technology, in theory there are now more tools to make these explorations a reality.

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