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RE: Thomas Edison and his efficient nickel/iron battery

in Project HOPE2 years ago

Greetings friend. Certainly in the search for higher performance in batteries, some metals have been used that have presented major problems for the environment, such as cadmium and lead, not only because of its difficult extraction but also because of the toxicity of these elements to the environment. And it is incredible how almost two centuries later Thomas Edison's battery can be reconsidered, since both nickel and iron are more abundant in nature, more economical and less dangerous, I once read that graphene was thought to give better performance to this battery and correct the defects that led to stop using it, combining this old technology with new materials.


Certainly where more problems have been generated is precisely with cadmium and lead, I remember having read also something graphene even without more I do not remember was a publication that socialized on the platform the friend @carloserp-2000. Thanks for leaving your accurate comment