AI will be key to sustainable development

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Greetings Project Hope friends.

As we know or perhaps we have read in other publications in the community, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having an increasing impact in different areas, and with it is proving to be the ally that sustainable development needs to better plan and develop the future of our planet in order to ensure its sustainability.

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AI can help us plan for a more sustainable future. Source: Edited image, original from

Combining the multiple advantages of AI with sustainable development could help us find ways to better meet our current needs without compromising those of future generations. According to a recent study published in the journal Nature discussing how AI can enable or inhibit the fulfillment of the 17 goals and 169 targets recognized in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, it is expressed that AI can contribute to the fulfillment of 79% of the sustainable development goals. As we know, this technology is fundamental for the construction of smart cities, and in these cities, AI can drive the circular economy and the efficient use of resources.

Alliance between AI and sustainable development

AI can contribute in different ways to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, according to the study it can act as an enabler of 134 targets (79%), through the technological improvement of systems that present current limitations.

For example, in the group of social goals such as: poverty elimination, quality education, drinking water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, and sustainable cities; AI can contribute to all the goals by supporting the provision of food, health, water and energy services to the population, also enabling the construction of low-emission cities by integrating different technologies or maximizing the efficiency of renewable energies by gradually adjusting electricity demand to the hours when the sun shines the most or the wind blows the most.

One application that serves as an example is traffic management; AI applications in urban mobility allow predicting the flow of vehicles at peak hours and offering alternative routes to avoid traffic congestion, other applications allow predicting the demand for public transport vehicles by zones and times, thus being able to better organize the availability of transportation to citizens. These solutions not only benefit people in terms of improving their urban transport experience, but also reduce the environmental impact of this activity.

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Interaction of technology and society. Source: image by @emiliomoron.

As for the group of sustainable development goals related to climate action, life under water and life on land, 25 targets (93%) were identified where AI could act positively. The benefits could derive from the possibility of analyzing large-scale databases to develop joint actions to preserve the environment, modeling impacts and solutions to climate change.

While we are only just discovering all the application areas where AI can help us in reversing our environmental footprint on the planet, AI looks like a strong ally in the fight against climate change and in the development of sustainable cities. And what do you think my friends, do you think AI could tip the balance towards a cleaner planet?

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Hello dear friend @emiliomoron

Sounds good, "Combining the multiple advantages of AI with sustainable development could help us find ways to better meet our current needs without compromising those of future generations", let's hope that certainly AI can help somehow to overcome this huge gap that exists between our lifestyles and the frank deterioration of ecosystems on a global scale.

Best regards, excellent article.

Greetings friend. It certainly sounds promising, let's hope that indeed combining AI with sustainable development goals will allow us to curb the destructive lifestyle that has characterized us so far.

That is true AI will cause a very drastic change and development even more than we think it could.

Let's hope it exceeds our expectations for the better.

I am very sure of that which will be key to that development, however behind that there will always be other complications and it is closer but to the human factor.

Greetings my friend. Certainly the human factor will always be present and could twist things, hopefully in most cases the solutions can be implemented and produce satisfactory results for all.

Hi @emiliomoron
Of course, AI can and should contribute to the planet, through advances in this area we can facilitate and minimize the incidence and damage that many areas do to our home.
Great read friend, thank you for sharing.
Best regards.

Thanks to you for stopping by to read friend, without a doubt the technological advances must guarantee from now on the sustainability of our lifestyle.

Hello @emiliomoron congratulate you in advance for such a great contribution.
AI has been revolutionizing different areas of our daily lives in a recent publication commented on their behavior in the charges and discharges of batteries from photovoltaic cells, where AI through data analysis had the ability to anticipate the event which achieved greater efficiency at the energy level and in your publication achieved complement other uses of this great technological breakthrough.

Greetings friend, certainly AI is finding many areas of application, such as the energy sector, transportation and agriculture, and over time we will continue to see more scope of this in various areas that will impact our daily lives.

Hello friend, an excellent comparison, I had not seen it that way but certainly AI has helped us a lot in various aspects of our life, I think it made it easier. It can be of great help in improving our environment. Thanks for sharing it. Regards.

Greetings friend. That's right, there are many aspects that are unknown where AI has a great potential, but certainly could facilitate the tasks to improve our environment. Thanks to you for reading.